The title is possible but Enyimba has a lot of work to do 

Fatau Dauda, inarguably the League’s team of the week goalkeeper for the opening weekend of the second stanza is our voice on the blog today. I’d sought to get him to interview with him but it just hasn’t worked so far and seeing his comments on the LMC website following his heroics at the weekend, I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

I’ll share his comments (following Sunday’s results) in bits and pieces then say a thing or two on my thoughts. Cool? Thanks.

“The Nigeria Professional Football League is a highly tactical league where it is very difficult for a home team to lose because everybody wants to defend his team at home. So, if you manage to win a game on the road it’s because your team is good,” 

“It’s very difficult for African goalkeepers to find top clubs in Europe, apart from Nigeria’s Vincent Enyeama in France and Cameroon’s Idriss Kameni in Spain there are no other African goalkeepers in any top league team in Europe and I don’t think it is the best to go out there and not get quality playing time.

“As a top goalkeeper you have to constantly play and I think that the Nigerian league is competitive enough for me to market myself to the world from here.”

“The three points here means so much to me and the club because when I came to Nigeria, my first five games with Enyimba were without a win and getting the points here in Sagamu is the perfect way to start the second part of the season.

“Hopefully we will build on this victory. We can’t go ahead of ourselves because there is still so much work to be done. It will be a great delight to win the league with Enyimba but like I said earlier, we have to work for it,” concluded Dauda

It’s a very sound and intelligent interview from the Ghanian. My key thoughts –

1. As one who longs to keep his place and relevance in the game especially for his National team, he knew he needed a quality team in a competitive league where his skills can be honed.  And he hasn’t done any badly so far. He has a good points hurl, I’ll need to ask the statisticians for that but from what I can see so far, he’s been handy for us so far. The most recent result is particularly exciting following his last outing in Katsina where the hosts all but claimed he killed a ball boy. 

2. Did he really go up to five matches winless?  That must be something. I know we got a couple of home draws. Perhaps it was up to 5 for real. 

3. Winning the Championship will take more than just talk. When you have leaders in your team, who themselves have experience with winning titles, they can help the younger ones get their focus aright. He says he hopes the team can build on this victory. That’s really all that counts. Next up for us is troubled Sunshine Stars where we have had a fair share of sorrows in recent years. 

It won’t be such a bad idea if we start out this “work we have to do” at Akure this Sunday. 

Back tomorrow 



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