The Enyimba kits palaver. 

It’s baby steps ladies and gentlemen but hopefully the blog is back, I hope. I pray. Hopefully I don’t wake up some day in the coming weeks and decide we are pissed off again. There are countless things capable of getting us pissed. One of which of course is our good ol stadium. That used to host football matches once upon a time. 

Today’s blog however is about the new kits. I’ll try not to make it a negative post but maybe we can just talk about it. Sometime last year we heard of the Umbro deal. How that we had come to an agreement with one of the world’s leading kit giants. I for one was excited because no other football club in the country could boast of such. 

Then came the kits-the jerseys, warmup kits and those for the technical crew. We were having a torrid season but those kits were one of the better news of that horrible year. Yea there were complains- the low quality of the jerseys and the one we are all familiar with- the non availability for the fans. This new season started and a fresh batch of Umbro kits appeared as well.

Then we began to see weird colors. Introduction of yellow, black and red colored kits in addition to the white and blue we had been known for. Perhaps traditional team colors don’t mean much in these regions but Umbro with the permission of the club (I think) doned us in these new colors and wears. 

March 27th, the club media spokesman, Farriel Alaputa tweeted – “Enyimba have pulled out of the kit sponsorship agreement it had with Umbro citing irreconcilable differences”. Then went on, “The club will relaunch negotiations with Spanish giants Joma for the supply of new kits”. Evidently that was what we saw the players wear yesterday – Joma kits. 

In other words, there’s been an agreement – details of course isn’t made public in any way nor is there a promise I’ve seen that fans can actually find these kits to BUY. Today isn’t about telling anyone what their job should be. This is just an effort to bring the obvious to the fore. Perhaps in the future, things can be handled as a proper football club’s should be done. 

Yesterday’s kits look pretty no doubt, but wouldn’t fans fear this is one of the same “no jerseys available for sale” we have heard since forever? Or maybe there is room for optimism that at long last, something can actually happen…


Back tomorrow, 



One thought on “The Enyimba kits palaver. 

  1. Uncle Sam i just need Enyimba International Stadium ready for matches. As wonderful as The Nest of Champions is, ive never had a better football experience like the one i had in Oct 2015 when Enyimba hosted Warri Wolves, it was epic. I still feel nostalgic when i watch the videos a recorded on that day.


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