A blog? Yes, it’s a blogpost

Good morning Guys

Somehow, I’ve got a blog post to share today. It’s been ages. A long time indeed and for most of that time I believed we have seen the last of ThatEnyimbaFan. But you don’t run a blog almost everyday for three years and successfully expunge it from your system all of a sudden. So the inevitability- I had to write, it’s Saturday and while I’m not sure this is a comeback, it’s just nice to put stuff out there.

But then what happened to me? Maybe I got too angry and fed up and disenchanted with the state of things. Maybe I didn’t care anymore. Maybe I got tired of supporting a club and a league that isn’t interested in showing signs of progress. OK, the club’s media team currently is the only thing that looks to have improved. Regular updates. Cool graphics and pictures. But beyond all of that, you know it’s still…win at home, lose away. And trust me, when it’s a repetition of the expected, inspiration is difficult to come by.

There is a lot going on at the club both good and bad. Somehow however I think it’s just best to allow certain things just move on. So there won’t be any stadium talk, owed salaries, monies owed past coaches and staff that looks like it would never be paid, our website that still hasn’t been fixed- You all know these problems still exist and the fact that we are only a name. And a special announcement, just in case you’re dreaming, we won’t be in the Continent again next season. Settle that in your head. 

We’ve signed Ichull Lordson from Nasarawa United. He is one of my favorite midfielders in the League and according to the interview he granted the club media department, he came to win silverware. I hope we still have it in us to win things. The League title for one is gone for this season. The Federation Cup? Well, let’s see. He is a player I believe signed two years later than he should have. I thought he would come straight from Warri Wolves like Abu, Ibenegbu and Osadiaye but he went to Lafia to play in the CAF Confederation Cup. 

What would he bring to our midfield? I think he would bring some solidity and whilst I’m not sure of his ability going forward, you can count Kester, Okpako, Salawu, Oladapo and possibly Dare Ojo all in that Central/Defensive midfield. Competition then. I thought our priority ought to have been a more creative midfielder to bear the burden with Ibenegbu. Perhaps that’s what the Togolese fella we also unveiled (by Solace’s office window) would be. Who knows?

Chinonso Okonkwo is back at the club it seems. I did see pictures of him at some club somewhere abroad and I thought that was it but maybe there was some delay or hitch or maybe the deal fell through. There’s also a proposed Chima Akas move that we believed would happen at some point this season. Maybe I’ll dedicate a blogpost someday and talk extensively on transfers and stuff. 

That’s all I’ve got for today. I just hope I haven’t bored you with my post. If I did, I’m sorry, forgive me. I had second thoughts about doing this, so I’m sorry. But if it wasn’t such a bore, well, thank you – I could be tempted to write again. Maybe tomorrow morning, who knows? 

From “my friend and I”, it’s- Have a beautiful weekend everyone. 



4 thoughts on “A blog? Yes, it’s a blogpost

  1. Well according to your second paragraph, you were proved a little wrong as the away win was mind blowing with Enyimba among. Pls Come tomorrow with a post. we would be glad.


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