The story of a failed generation 

Good morning Guys and a Happy Easter. 

I promised to write a thing or two about Coach Imama this weekend. Someone made it easy for me, so here’s the post. Truth remains, we will keep being a disgrace in the Continent until the ones the decision at our clubs change their ways. The insightful piece by Joan Iwuchukwu is below. 

Enugu state in Eastern Nigeria had their one and maybe only chance to make history and be counted among the genuine super powers of African football after over three decades in the dark world of failures and uncertainties. For 32 years they waited until an hero emerged from nowhere to win the elusive Nigeria professional football league, taking it off the strongholds of Enyimba and Pillars. Last season, they were the beautiful bride. Every potential groom wanted her hand in marriage. 

News of their exploit spread beyond the nooks and cranes of the African Continent as many waited anxiously to see them tear their opponents to shreds in the CAF champions league. That didn’t happen because everyone from the Enugu state governor to the last fan on the streets have failed to learn how to manage success. They have continued to swim in the pool of their little glory forgetting that the bigger task was ahead. When they eventually woke up from their slumber, their beautiful story had come to an ugly ending.

Their heroes who did the unthinkable just few months back were mocked and disgraced out of office and from nowhere emerged some tired veterans whose knowledge of modern day football have faded with age and time. A man who had already gone past his prime when he first worked as National team gaffer, a man whose knowledge of the game now lives in his big stomach instead of his head was saddled with a sinking ship and all he did was to take it twenty feet’s bellow sea level.

The coal city team had their chance of making fresh history but they fluffed it because of high level administrative ineptitude and total lack of seriousness. They allowed their little successes to fill their heads and lost their little integrity because of pride, jealousy and witch hunting. The players became mini gods over night, they spent their days in beer parlours and their nights in clubs. A whole state got confused because of very little successes. 

 They turned a football team into some political house where every politician came around to flex his political muscles. Decisions flew right, left and center, sack letters littered the streets as statements both official and unofficial flew around. First to go was a general manager who has become an integral part of the Rangers family and in come Christian Chukwu, a veteran of many decades. In just two months of his arrival, he and his cohorts have connived to destroy the joy of the Enugu people. 

Promises made after a 32 year old jinx were broken, have remained unfulfilled, players who were signed have not been cleared, bonuses and allowances have found their ways into private pockets, but up there, they feed the governor with lies and leave him in total darkness. A National disgrace was averted only on Thursday when the players refused to travel unless their travelling allowances were sorted. They held a Nation to Ransome for hours and eventually each player got #290,000 for the trip. They arrived the Ndola stadium for the match with Zesco barely one hour to kick off and ended up with some battering as they were trashed 3-0(5-2 on agg)

Watching from his hotel room somewhere in Port Harcourt, former coach, Imama Amapakabo wept as he saw the cookies crumble. He wept because the house that took him years to build and furnish has been consumed by an unholy fire. The fire from sycophants and enemies of true progress. Enemies of the state who live daily on lies and deceit. Their prey is governor Uguanyi who ignorantly has been misled by his commissioner, another one in the line of administrative disaster. 

From heroes just a few months back, Enugu Rangers the NPFL champions have been reduced to a battered villain. The players have little blame in this massive shame, rather the entire management team must have questions to answer on arrival. Every man in that group of failures must be told to leave on arrival. The state commissioner for sports must be asked to resign now if he truly has some pride left in him. As for his excellency governor Uguanyi, he should take a huge part of the blame for failing to fulfil just 10% of his post victory promises. 

This bunch has failed a Nation. Enugu state has gone to represent Nigeria but they ended up reducing our already tinted image before the international community. A story that started so well has ended tragically leaving a nation in sorrow, tears and blood.


Have a good Easter everyone. 

Back tomorrow, 



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