Hammer drop and press releases 

Still reeling from what I saw in Prison Break’s newest episode few minutes. However is Michael Scoffield ‘bearhuging’ a terrorist? Calling him friend and all? And well he had already denied knowing his brother and family. There has to be some mixup and it’s a shame that it’s going to take a whole week before we can figure out what that was about. Not to take a swipe at Nollywood but that’s what a movie should be about. Keep the suspense to the end.

Good morning Guys. Some quick Enyimba run up for you. Yesterday, the LMC rolled out punishments following Sunday’s incidents. So I’ll just share them here while you make your deductions from them. First we got awoken by the Press Statement Enyimba wrote in response to the allegation by Katsina United on Fatau Dauda. 

Having reviewed the match tape of the incident involving Enyimba goalkeeper Fatau Dauda and a ball boy in the 84th minute of the Match Day 18 Nigeria Professional Football League fixture against Katsina United, the club has reached the following conclusions

That Dauda simply sought, in the aftermath of Katsina United’s second goal, to retrieve the ball from the ball boy in order to facilitate a quick restart.

That Dauda knocked the ball out of the grasp of the ball boy, who had clasped the ball to his midriff to prevent access to it.

That Dauda did not punch the ball boy, as alleged by the home side, and contrary to widespread reports.

That Dauda did not assault or beat up the ball boy in question, let alone to the “point of coma” as some sensationalist reports have purported.

That any contact with the ball boy in the process of dislodging the ball was clearly and purely incidental.

Dauda is a seasoned professional and a Ghana international who has represented his country at a World Cup, the biggest footballing stage in the world. He has maintained his innocence of any wrongdoing from the first, and the video evidence supports his claim.

In light of this, Enyimba Football Club demands that the unsportsmanlike and violent conduct of fans of Katsina United be condemned outright for what it is: a brutal and violent assault on our team.

This misrepresentation of facts; that the action of goalkeeper Dauda is somehow responsible for the brutality meted out to our players and officials is not only disgraceful, but unacceptable. Such violence has no place in our league and we maintain our call for strong sanctions against Katsina United.
Then later in the day, the LMC meted out punishments. That is also below: 

For violations of Rule B13.23, C18.6, C18.14 and B13.21, Katsina United was fined a total of N2.5m which included N500, 000 as compensation to Enyimba International and a cost to be determined for repair of their damaged vehicle. The club is also to play the next three home matches behind closed doors two of which is suspended for a probationary period lasting the remainder of the season.

Katsina United was also placed on a suspended sanction of three points’ deduction for probationary period lasting the rest of the season. The sanction against Katsina United arose from incidents at the end of Match Day 17 fixture against Enyimba International.

Enyimba’s goalkeeper, Fatau Dauda was suspended for one match and fined N50, 000 for aggression towards a ball boy during their match against Katsina United. Dauda was charged for breaches of Rules C11 and C1 which included assault on a ball boy and acts capable of inciting others to commit violence during their match day 18 fixture against Katsina United.

Whatever guys. Whatever. 

The Enyimba Under 15s got their second defeat of the ongoing LMC Under 15 tournament. After being whopped 2-0 by FC IfeanyiUbah in their first game, Akwa United beat them 1-0 as well. Their coachee said after the first game that they’re inky kids and they hadn’t settled. Perhaps they will need some more time to get settled. Maybe we shouldn’t read too much into that but Enyimba is used to winning. We’d expected better. 

Clubs must look at this tournament and ask themselves if the objective of this setup is being met by their respective clubs. Beyond just fielding players, this must continue beyond the fixtures. Develop and invest In your academies and junior teams. Pay coaches who will do this task very well. I repeat; hire and PAY the coaches. These efforts will yield huge financial rewards for the club in the future. 

I promised my view on the Imama sacking, I’m not sure that would be out on the blog till the weekend. Bear with me. 

That’s it guys, back tomorrow. 



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