Specially dedicated to the team that shouldn’t be playing any football

Today surely has to be a test of my self control. I did get on the blog to express how pissed I am at the events of the past 30 or so hours. Well, Katsina United showed good character to bounce back from a goal down to actually win a game against us on Sunday. Exceptional character and we hands up to that. Well done Kastina United. 

Then the movie part of the film. There obviously was an incident involving a ball boy and Goalkeeper Fatau Dauda. You know the drill, the keeper wants the ball real quick and the ball boy probably held onto it for longer all in a bid to kill the time. Depending on your source, he pushed the ball boy or slapped him or punched him or flung him straight to the ICU. Believe what you might. But just to help you, the center referee actually sacked the boy.

Game eventually ends. Then some fans descend on our bus. Smashing the windscreens and windows and injuring a couple of players. The pictures all over social media did make it look like the bus got involved in an autocrash and foremost thoughts were, how would a team travel back in a bus looking like that? This is an NPFL that while Katsina United enjoyed life at the lower division, some people were working hard to make it look marketable. 

The most stupid thing happened when the club Twitter handle, a so called Professional club handle, rather than distance itself from action of the fans, went on the start out their own propaganda. Claiming that the ball boy was near dead. With a cylinder of oxygen or whatever it contained, (I mean it could have even be empty). Then with a bandage to the head in a later picture whereas there was none in the first one. It looked so funny, it’s amazing how humans could think up such ridiculous stuff. 

A similar incident happened in Kano and while these acts are inexcusable, you can tell see the difference in that the club, Kano Pillars came out to stand for the good of the game, condemning in the strongest terms possible, the actions of the fans responsible for the act. Regardless of what you think, no matter the provocation two wrongs can never make a right. We await the video of what Fatau Dauda did to that ball boy and the reason for the fans showing how behind civilization that they are. 

ThatEnyimbaFan is an advocate for the good of the game. Be it in Aba or Calabar, in Jos or Kano, it is utter senselessness and stupidity to go physical on another human being because of a football game. Even if you are paid to do it, how much is a human life worth? Should Enyimba wake up tomorrow and act same, we will be as vocal on this site as we are today on this issue today so it’s not because we are the victims here. 

Anyone who engages and encourages what happened in Katsina has no place in football. Head off to the motor parks where your mates are. 

This is the mildest I could come. My first draft is just unprintable. 

Back tomorrow where I’ll give my thoughts on the Imama sacking. 



3 thoughts on “Specially dedicated to the team that shouldn’t be playing any football

  1. oh really? The ref sacked the ball boy? I am just hearing this. Nevertheless, Enyimba made an official statement today and I am sure Katsina United would look so foolish now. They (Enyimba) claim to have reviewed the video before making such statement. Katsina United’s propaganda was just a sorry site for a football club. I am eagerly waiting for the official hammer. It has to come hard – very hard on Katsina United and Kano Pillars.
    As for Ball boys, this is becoming to be the trend. Something has to be done ASAP. I can imagine that draft you failed to post. Sad stuff everywhere.


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