Concluding Post: How to conquer Africa again

Good morning Guys,

I know the fact that the talk on the blog in the recent past hasn’t been exclusively Enyimba has a lot of us fans itching for this Continental ticket series to come to an end as soon as possible. Well, good news to you all, today’s is the last in the series and I do hope this actually provides great insight on the subject. 

So how can we rule Africa again? Let’s look at it this way, Can I get my daughter to become the best graduating student at Harvard by helping her cheat all through High School and College? Pay off all the teachers all along the way; would that in any way make her the best at the big stage? We all know the answer to that. It’s a big No.

Our football regardless of how we are dressing it up, is in dire need of a major surgery. I saw a post recently of how the NFF President said stuff about how everyone is part of the rut that is Nigerian Football right now. It’s a thought provoking one, you should read it. How can a side that got just one point on the travels last season be unbeaten at home in the same League season? Something just isn’t right. 

Our club administrators seem to be all about winning at all costs- even if it’s done illegally. So much is paid to referees and the fairness and beauty of the game is sacrificed. How can you win with that style when you’re on the big stage in Africa? It just won’t work. Someone even excused it, saying “Feel free to retaliate when we come to your place”. Shocking.

If “win-at-home-at-all-costs” officiating is withdrawn, then administrators, coaches and players know their performances will be under scrutiny. You’re invariably weaning them and the result of course is that they will grow up on their feet and take care of business the right way. Knowing that they don’t need the referee to win games, they know they will improve. Then the showing in the Continent will improve greatly.

Where are the academies? It is utterly criminal that clubs are not rolling out players annually. No effort is put into examining the work of these youth coaches. A player ‘graduates’ from an NPFL Club academy yet he can’t trap the ball. However can we become world beaters? Such players eventually become difficult to market and year after year no significant progress is made on the Continent, no players are sold to the big clubs in Europe. 

I dare say, most of our administrators are enemies of football. They profess differently but they’re really all about their greed and bellies.  We are not serious yet. When we are, we will know because then our orientation and administration of our game will greatly be influenced by it. Change coaches like you do your pants, sign 20 new players every season, pay as much money as you can to the referees, truth is, we can only truly effect these changes when we set out to do so. 

That’s it for this title. 

Back tomorrow, 



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