The Rebirth: why Mfon Udoh is looking different this season

Good morning Everyone, 

There are days such as today when I wish I’m at liberty to blog and share my posts much later and not just early in the mornings. The reason is, sometimes at about this time, there are three hundred and seven things calling for my attention at the same time. And factor in the fact that the blog is best written in the wee hours of the day, when men and spirits are asleep. Sadly, we are stuck with writing and sharing at the ‘regular’ time. 

Today’s thoughts is on the reinvention of Mfon Udoh. Has there ever been a player we have talked about more on this blog than the prodigy from Uyo? I doubt that. We have ranted about his injuries, his trials (both football trials and mental trials). We have celebrated his birthdays and his goalscoring heroics. His ups and downs, his appointment as captain, name it. Writing about El Capito hasn’t been a reluctant subject. 

Last Sunday’s win saw him match up the same number of goals in the first stanza of his record breaking season. Goal number 8 now this season. The singular fact that he assured the Rangers defence he was going to score them before kickoff and he eventually did, tells something- “A fully fit, fully focused Mfon Udoh, playing under good conditions is simply unplayable”.

Fans who watched him at the Aba sanctuary would remember the unmistakable figure of our number 10 racing down the right flank, leaving defenders in his wake. I remember seeing him for the first time in that 3-0 drubbing of Lobi Stars in the season before we reclaimed the League title. His pace is only an attribute he has. He does know to trot his stuff and I dare say, he would be an asset to any European team that eventually buys him.

There is a different bite about Mfon this year. Perhaps it’s the burden on leadership or maybe it’s a personal challenge to beat the voices in his head telling him he is not good enough to play outside the shores of the country. Whichever it is, Mfon Udoh is winning that battle just nicely.  His goals haul this term is only a part of this- his assists as well and the way he challenges the guys playing with him. 

It’s a good thing to boast of top quality players within our rank. And although we may not have lighted the skies as we know we are capable of doing no thanks to the challenges that have beguiled our team and our country’s league football, we have replaced the guys who left, strengthening the ones who remained. Question marks still remain on administration and technical management but I think we can find a few praiseworthy items. 

This is in no means an attempt to get the Mfon feel a false sense of arrival or to rest on his oars or even to jinx the player. He of all people should be fully aware of the magnitude of the task before him and where he wants to be 2/3 years from now. It is also evident he knows just how to make that’s happen. Enyimba captains have been known to lead ‘from the front’- putting in as much effort as the job entails. Mr Udoh sure does know his job description and he’s doing a pretty good job of it. 

Your lot for today. Something heavier tomorrow. 


Before I let you go, today is Samuel Chukwuemeka Uzoigwe’s birthday. He’s the one you all call MOG. A very loyal Enyimba fan. Show him some love guys. 

My dear friend and “blog-mate” Moseph Ekine also adds a year today. I’m grateful for the opportunity of friendship. God bless you sir 


4 thoughts on “The Rebirth: why Mfon Udoh is looking different this season

  1. If there’s any player I know has a lot to offer the football world it’s Ufom Udoh I pray God continue to help him to fulfill his potentials.

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