Conversations, questions, very little answers 

Good morning Guys,

Today, I’ll share a feedback post by one of our regulars here. My personal Oga Nnanna Kalu. It’s in response to the Dare’s post of Wednesday. Everyone has their own means of sending us back feedback. I did look at this and it inspired some thoughts. I felt I had to share and spill some of the beans. Below-

Dare Ojo’s natural abilities- clinical foiling of opposition attack, recycling of ball possession and industry in midfield are being limited by the void he fills at right back. Even with the arrival of two ex- youth internationals- Robert Egbeta and Terna Suswan, Dare Ojo still retains his place in the team. 

The gaffer prefers wing play 4-4-2 or 4-2-4 when in the mode to attack at home) with Kester and Ibenegbu in a midfield-two, and Oladapo thrown in to lock down with the scoreline in our favor or freshen up the midfield. A midfield-three of Kester-Ojo-Ibenegbu would dominate play for large spells in matches. Perhaps when we finally sort out the problematic right back position, the team will play with the right balance.

Regardless of your view on his thoughts- I mean “ideal midfield” scenarios have lingered in the thoughts of several tacticians of the game in times past. I remember when Jose Mourinho waxed lyrical of how a midfield combo of Michael Ballack and Frank Lampard would be perfect. It didn’t quite work on the pitch as it did in his head. Anyway I digress.  

Back to his post, personally though, I couldn’t help but agree. I know we have extolled Dare’s versatility in that he has seamlessly slotted in nicely at right back but until we actually try this out, we would never know how it would work out. I think it was in Makurdi that the gaffer went for it- played three in the middle. My excitement knew no bounds cos it looked like we going to dominate the game. 

Then the unexpected happened. Kelly Kester got sent off just after we had scored. From then on, it was a question of 1 point or zero points? We all knew what happened. Will Dare be much more effective in the midfield? Yes he will. Are we going to have a more secure midfield in away games with him in the middle? Yes he will. So why not? Why isn’t it happening? Cos we don’t have a good enough Right Back who can take up the role. 

So we are back to the question, how many more seasons do we need to find a replacement for Ojobo? Isnt it a mockery on our setup if in this country, we can’t find a decent Right Back? We are so spoilt for choice at the opposite fullback position with Akas and Ukouwem manning them effectively. But at right back, Ojobo disappeared with all good right backs in the country. 

We go all the way back to our coaching setup and if our coaches have improved themselves to the level they should be. I know a lot of the guys just want the money and all but the question marks are on what the real contributions are. Look at the Enyimba feeder team for instance. Ok, on second thoughts, I’m not gonna be drawn into that. I’ll just stop at the questions.

Bottom line, there’s a whole lot of work and improvements to be done. Lord help us.

Guys, that’s all we can share today. Hopefully there will be much more tomorrow. Till then, have a good one. 



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