A word or two about Dare Ojo

Good morning All, 

Someone said, “You will always find what you’re looking for”. If you’re trying to find proof that your faithful spouse is cheating, you will find your “proof”. Whether or not this proof is genuine is talk for another day but point is, you’ll see whatever you’re looking for. Having spilled a lot of not too heartwarming stuff here in the blog in the recent, it’s about time we took a different pose.

Today’s Enyimba rant is on a player who has impressed me a lot since he signed for us from relegated Kwara United (Hello Bayo Psalm). To be honest, by the time we signed him last term, I only knew the name but not the face. But he did come with a lot of promise especially from those who knew him better. I just knew he fired a thunderbolt against Sunshine Stars in the preceding season.

He was to be a box to box or defensive midfielder depending on how the team is set up. But I did warm up to him in one of our Champions League games at the Adokiye Stadium Port Harcourt. He won balls cleanly, rarely would give away free-kicks as he attempted to shield the back four in that DM role. He didn’t get any goals in that game but he was my man of the match by a mile and a half. 

But the gaping hole due to the exit of Ojobo from our right back position was in need of filling and although Uche John did have stints there, Dare sooner or later was going to be shunted there as we somehow couldn’t find a good enough Right Back in the country. The acquisition and brilliant performances of Kelly Kester and Razak Aliyu in DM back in that season also meant that we could use Dare’s versatility elsewhere. 

Dutifully, he manned the position and yea, there were days when he was totally out of sorts. Zamalek (away) for instance showed a low for him while Sundowns (away) was the other extreme. He did deliver the goods of course that season (with two goals I can readily remember now) and in Lokoja, we saw him getting involved in a fight for his team that resulted in a three match ban for him. I see him as commitment personified. 

This season, the club acquired a couple of guys who could fill in at right back. That notwithstanding, Dare has remained first choice for the role. Of the player appearances we’ve seen this season, he’s one of those with the most of it. Our League rarely acknowledges contributions of players who aren’t the goal scorers and he’s one player I rarely speak with but Dare Ojo has been one of the better signings we made in the recent past. 

Long may it continue. Bear it in mind though, that the reward for good work is more work. You may not have won the accolades from any quarters as yet but here on the blog, we celebrate you and are grateful for your contribution. You can follow him on Twitter guys, his handle is @dontdareojo. 

That’s breakfast today. Back tomorrow with a match preview for ye insatiable fellows. 



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