Fly away Peter, fly away Paul 

Good morning All, 

I’ll start out with some quotes from le gaffer- 

Even if there is no pressure in terms of matches, when there is fatigue, you give time for recovery. But for now, we can manage it (player fitness) still, and are managing it. It is quite unfortunate that it is quite a distance: just playing a game on Sunday; you only have Monday [to travel], and there is no guarantee that you’ll get there.

If we don’t get there, means we get in on Tuesday to play on Wednesday, then coming back on Thursday to play another game on Sunday. So, sometimes, the distance is not really friendly with the job.

That was the response he gave when asked about how gruesome the trip to Wikki would be. We play them this midweek by the way- the team whose gaffer is allegedly on a three match ultimatum. Can’t help but wonder what these club administrators are on, with these ultimatums flying all over the place. You must have heard of Imama’s as well. Utter madness. Quote me.

Anyway that’s us digressing. I do pity our players in the League. The journeys are long and utterly demanding. But some trips however can afford to be made by air, don’t they? The last time Enyimba flew to anywhere was against Zamalek in the Champions League. In the League? An LMC financied trip to Uyo from Lagos last season as well. (Don’t even mention El-Kanemi please).

Looking around at the other teams ‘flying all over the place’ you can’t help but just wonder if we are still as special as we used to be. Most likely, the long trip means we are unlikely to get all three points in Bauchi but the effect isn’t as much on that game as it is on the next home game- against a Rangers side desperate to get their season back on track. 

There are a lot of things that are not looking according to plan at the club but if we truly want to challenge for the top spots, we have to make it easier for our players. When they are unable to easily notch up the three points at home or they are leggy or tired, hope we can understand how tough being a player at the club currently is?

I believe clubs can get into agreements with airline companies in the country for some kind of discount rates that shortens time spent on traveling to away matches. It does look some money to spend but shouldn’t this be why the club has to look at internally generating funds? Enyimba’s jersey sales alone can afford the cost of flying to any away venue. I’m open to correction if I’m wrong. 

I desperately long for things to get better at our club. Just like we’ve seen the media team showing how good they can be. The site isn’t up yet but MatchDay experience has improved and there’s a website where interviews and stuff can be found. Kudos to the guys making it happen. 

Let us do more because we know we can do more. We know we deserve to do more.  

More tomorrow, 



2 thoughts on “Fly away Peter, fly away Paul 

  1. Complements of the day.
    Please apart from where can we get the interviews and match day experience for which you gave the media team kudos.


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