A Colloquial look at our Champions League Reps.

Yesterday’s feedback was something else, the audience here most certainly enjoyed what our stolen blog  guest blog post had to offer. We’d see how we can either get him to pen one or two more for us or find another befitting blogpost to steal. That post actually made us move what we had initially longed to blog yesterday- so here you have it. “A Colloquial look at our Champions League representatives. 

After the first round of our Continental duties, our reps got halved. Wikki and FC IfeanyiUbah got ousted of their competition while Rivers United and Rangers moved to the next stage where Al-Merreikh and Zamalek waited respectively. All of this is just to eat up word count because I doubt there is a reader here today who is unaware of how it panned out for these sides. 

The return legs are in about a week’s time and to be honest, as it stands, both teams still do have a chance of going through. Rangers can score three times without conceding in Enugu and Rivers United can lock up shop nicely up there in Sudan. I don’t think Rivers United would capitulate at the weekend but truth is, neither tie can be said to be over. 

I’m bothered though about the Rangers defence. They just ship in goals for fun. At some point during their title chase last season, I did a post for the LMC where I highlighted the need for Imama to sort his defence. He solved it the way he knew to- outscoring the opposition. And at the start of this season, I think he was quoted somewhere saying he just needed to bring in a few guys to shore things up. Sadly he didn’t or well, if he did, it hasn’t worked. Sunday’s pairing looked pitiful. 

Today’s rant however is on a dominant theme in the Enyimba corridors that “There is a gang-up against Enyimba, to ensure the club doesn’t make it to the Continent. And that Enyimba can perform a lot better than these mediocre teams representing Nigeria in the Continent”. Utter bullocks. nonsense. Rubbish actually. Teams play in the Continent because they have earned the opportunity one way or another. It’s never given you on a platter. 

We are watching from home this season because we weren’t good enough to finish in the right places last season. We’ve been less than average and Infact a closer look at how we’ve fared in the Continent in the recent past, shows we are only doing an equivalent of what Arsenal is doing in the UEFA Champions League- making an annual appearance every year. Not good enough for the honors. 

I’ll end today’s post with this- if it was Enyimba against Zamalek at the weekend, how many goals would we have conceded? (Hint: Etoile away last season). Secondly, if it was Enyimba vs Al-Merreikh, would we have scored three to put a little daylight between the two teams? Answer truthfully, you’re a child of God. (Hint; when was the last time we scored three times or more without some kindness from the officials?)

Finally guys, happy birthday to our skipper, Mfon udoh. May God bless you man, granting you your heart’s desires. 

Done and dusted. Back tomorrow, 



3 thoughts on “A Colloquial look at our Champions League Reps.

  1. Ok. Let me try and shed a little light to the paragraph before the birthday wish:

    1. Enyimba lost a first leg by 3 goals margin only in their debut season on the continent (2002: ASEC Mimosa 4-1 Enyimba). It was in the second round and Enyimba’s 3-1 return leg win was not enough.
    2. Enyimba have met Zamalek only once in the CAFCL and it was in the group stage. They conceded one goal in Egypt.
    3. The 3 goals conceded in Etoile last year was the first time Enyimba would concede more than 2 goals in the qualifying stages of the CAFCL since their debut season in 2002 (ASEC Mimosa 4-1 Enyimba). Same 2002, they also lost 3-1 to Etoile de Filante of Togo after a 4-0 first leg win in Nigeria.
    4. Did you notice that the Zamalek stadium was not as filled as the Etoile stadium where we survived last season? That Rangers backline is poor abeg.
    5. We have never faces Al-Merreikh before in the continent but we have played Al-Hilal 4 times in the CAFCL group stages (2W, 1D, 1L). We beat Al-Hilal 4-1 in Aba in 2008.
    6. We won at Al-Hilal in our last meeting. Will Rivers United do same this weekend?
    7. Last season we scored 3+ goals in three occasions in the CAFCL. Were they all as a result of kindness from the officials?
    8. The 3+ goals were scored against Vital’O, Etoile and eventual champions Sundowns (dead-rubber though)
    9. The Enyimba we used to know will see off Al-Merriekh.
    10. The Current Enyimba may even need a late penalty to pick a draw at home.

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