Enyimba 1-1 MFM: Just a few annoying thoughts 

Good morning everyone and a very happy Sunday to you all. 

Today’s greeting on the blog would sound surprising seeing we have now gone five games now without any kind of win. Currently in 12th position and with the likelihood of dropping to 16th by the end of the weekend. In other words, the greeting is more of a wish and a prayer than a greeting. I pray it’s a good morning and a happy Sunday for you. 

Two things; firstly I know we get our lowest visits on the blog after a defeat and secondly, I didn’t see the game and the guy who promised to send in a blog went AWOL. My point hence is, this would be a very brief piece. Just a couple of points. 

1. How much time does Ogunbote have left? We have remained supportive and vocal of the new gaffer. Unless perhaps he has six points tucked away for us in away grounds, our chances of reclaiming a Continental finish is slipping. How much patience we should have, I can’t even tell but it looks a short fuse.

2. Whoever approved the Calabar pitch? When pictures surfaced on social media on Friday on the state of that pitch it did seem like a bad camera or some kind of joke until they reappeared on Twitter yesterday. For all I know that pitch is worse than what we have in Umuahia. Please how can we play good football on such surface? 

3. Whoever brings in one of their best creative midfielders in the last minute of injury time? While I followed updates on Twitter and saw the Osadiaye for Ohanachom sub when the clock read 90+2, I wondered to myself, “whatever is he coming on to do?” You’re trying to get a goal and you’re bringing in one of the Leagues best assist providers with less than one minute left on the clock. See how that worked? Clap HAND for yourself. 

4. Ibrahim Mustapha, take a bow. Keep up working hard. You are surely going to be a top striker if you keep focused and stay hardworking.

I have church service to attend this morning and I believe you lot do as well. It’s a good morning, like I prayed you earlier. No point dwelling on these annoying thoughts. 

And yea less I forget. Happy Birthday my friend and brother Fisayo Dairo. God bless you abundantly my friend. 

Back tomorrow



2 thoughts on “Enyimba 1-1 MFM: Just a few annoying thoughts 

  1. The problem with Enyimba is also of the management, they don’t have anything to offer again… they are now daft of ideas on how to move the club forward. I cant imagine Enyimba Waiting for government to do the fundings and all, when we have a Big Brand as Enyimba wasting in the gutters. No financial records of how funds as been spent and no auditing of such. This guys wan to give Enyimba a natural death. All top echelon of the Club needs to be flushed out. Anyasi needs to leave immediately. #AnyaExit

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