The template for a vicious circle of failure 

Good morning Guys. Our guys stopped over in Enugu for the night, the 5 hours left to complete the Calabar trip had to be put on hold for security sake I believe. I’ve never been a fan of late night travels, so staying over for the night and finishing up tomorrow is a good call if you ask me. Not expecting you to ask me, cos it doesn’t even matter.

What does matter to me though is the reaction to Sunday’s game, subsequent result and yesterday’s blogpost. Those, we want to look at a little bit more here on the blog today. Before we delve in. Someone sent me this post on Facebook. 

Gud day! hw work nd family? hop fyn. Bros, I want draw ur attention 2 yesterday game wix my state team (Kano pillars). honestly speaking, Enyimba fc r very gud side. dey played very professional football. a very tactical nd technical side. dey out played us in many part of d game. Don’t let dis coach fired by d management or some unambitious fans. I know losing in a decisive game is a painful 2 a hearted fans. but, allow dem an ample tym. Tins will be turn around. Bye…

Sorry guys I didn’t edit the post but I’m sure it won’t be difficult for anyone to figure out what he was trying to say. Every fan of the club was disappointed by the outcome of the game. We had expected to get a decent officiating (which we got) and we did start well. However we couldn’t beat 10 man Pillars. A couple of tweets I saw after the game seemed to suggest that the result was not a fair reflection of the game. 

In fact one of the SuperSport pundits did say it was one of the best (in terms of quality) NPFL games he had seen in a while. So while we actually conceded the most number of goals at the weekend, the performance doesn’t show there’s a gulf in quality in both teams as the result may suggest. But the bitter truth is, only one side took the three available points. No mincing words, the better side on the day won. The side that took their chances. 

I think this team on the basis of their performance on Sunday looks like it would get better with time. That leaves me wondering and asking. Why don’t we have managers who sign long term contracts? And by long here I mean 3 years upwards. Kadiri Ikhana stayed a year and a half with us. Uncle Paul his successor stayed 1 year as well and guess how many years Gbenga Ogunbote has signed as well. That’s right, 1 year. In other words, your tenure as a coach in the NPFL isn’t tied to performance or results. 

It’s all about having someone to travel with the team and one the fans can blame when things are going south. It’s not an Enyimba thing. I mean we are in a League where teams buy 12-16 players EVERY season. Where’s the continuity? Where’s the development of talent? Are we even serious or is it just a mode of collecting money for the government every year? 

I’m looking at Gbenga Ogunbote and it does look like he knows what he’s doing. But if by November, he’s gone and Abdu Makaiba or Salisu Yusuf or Samson Amokachi is brought on board, the job description would be same- win us the title/Continental place, take along the money you want and be gone in a year. Enyimba would never have their own style of play. No tradition and we would continue to do the things we do to win games and the never ending vicious circle continues. 

And no it’s not an Enyimba thing. It appears the template for the NPFL. And we say we are serious with our football. 

Back tomorrow



5 thoughts on “The template for a vicious circle of failure 

  1. Continuity should be the key word for our clubs. I watch the game on Sunday and I think its the best game I have seen this season. The boys needs to start taking their chances in matches like this and other matches to come. I love this article boss

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  2. As much as I support continuity for our dear club Enyimba, it is high time The Top echelon of Enyimba is flushed out. from Anyasi to Farriel and all that’s been there for more than a decade. they have nothing more to offer Enyimba same thing as Hayatou. Enyimba is just going in circles no upward projection. #AnyaExit

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