5 Reasons why we would get a good result in Makurdi today

Good morning All, we take on Lobi Stars at the Aper Aku stadium this evening. Usually here on the blog, our match previews for home games are much more demanding for the team to get results than for the away games. We tend to almost write an away game as a defeat citing all the excuses possible. That has been a mistake. That is about to change. 

Think about it, every Tom, Dick and Harry literally wins at home in the League such that it is a thing of surprise when a team does an Ikorodu. Just like Remo Stars are currently doing. The true test of a team’s character is not what they do at home but what they show on alien grounds. 

So I admit, we (here on the blog) have descended into lower depths of mediocrity expecting only home wins and leaving the away sojourns to just hopeful shrugs. That has to change because if we have to keep parading ourselves as Nigeria’s most successful club, there has to be something about us. 

We face a Lobi Stars side that is strong, very strong at home. They take no prisoners in that Aper Aku Stadium in Makurdi. But our more recent trips there, they had to resort to some ‘very interesting’ means to get the points off us. Last season was an early goal where the scorer was miles offside. The previous one, a contentious penalty to cancel Idris Aloma’s strike.

It’s about time we got all three points hence. We have had quite a lengthy time to prepare for the new phase of our fixtures starting today. I believe our ‘new’ players and ‘new’ coaching crew should have made significant progress in their quest to build synergy and understanding. I believe we should be nearing perfection. 

The midfielders now know how each striker wants the ball, the wingers now know the tempo and style of the attacks and how to offer support to fullbacks behind them. The defenders themselves now know who best to work with each other to avoid conceding cheap goals. The goalkeepers of course know a good rival is waiting on the flanks to take over if they don’t put in a blinding performance. That’s it right? So we should have some points added to our current haul on the table.

There you have it guys. 5 solid reasons why we must get something in Makurdi today. A bonus sixth is that they actually played in midweek, a loss to Rangers in Enugu. If you can’t find the five reasons in my post, I could lend you my glasses. 

Back tomorrow 



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