Good visionary midfielders: anybody got an idea? 

We head out this morning toward Markurdi after what was a lengthy period of non action. By Sunday, it would be 14 days since our last game. I know fatigue does play a role in football. I believe too much rest does as well. So a good performance is all about the right balance of the two. 

Today’s thoughts however is on our midfield. We do look stocked for the defensive midfield role but the number 10 position worries me a bit. We never really replaced Kingsley Sokari, did we? Bobby was probably the best I saw in that role in the League in the recent past. But after he joined the North African train, we have lacked genuine talent there. 

We did see Nzube Anaezemba get his stint there and although he had quite a shift in there, we still looked short in some games. Then there was Bernard Okorowanta who had a second stint with us. That also didn’t work out.  Somehow we managed it during that Kadiri Ikhana title winning season and we crossed the finish line. 

The season that followed saw us acquire Ikechukwu Ibenegbu who you can call a veteran in the game. He did take turns with Nzube and Olufemi Oladapo, another new signing last season. The story of last season is not lost on anyone. It’s better to let the healing wounds actually dry up. 

Nzube did leave and Ibenegbu seemed to have the sole responsibility of bearing the burden of the midfield creativity. Of course Ibrahim Salawu joined the team and Oladapo is still in the mix but truth be told, it’s a position in need of a general who will make the terrain his. Consistent and eye catching performances and the fellow gets a regular berth. 

It’s nothing really an Enyimba deficiency. I know Sokari at one time did play for the three National teams. It’s sad that creative midfielders are on the looking on the brink of extinction. Of all the teams in the country, I think perhaps Obinna Nwobodo is the only one of them left. Good visionary creative midfielders. I do hope for Enyimba’s sake though, we find a way around this. 

Chew those thoughts over and let me know your thoughts. I could do a follow up post tomorrow. It’s just stone throwing though but it’s still something you should look at. 

Back tomorrow with it then.



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