Of Enyimba and referees and away teams 

Good morning Everyone, I thought we would be playing this midweek with the Continental contingent having fixtures planned for them this today. Rangers, Rivers United, Wikki Tourists and FC Ifeanyiubah are all in action today but we would have to wait till later to play FC Ifeanyiubah in our rescheduled fixture. So FC Ifeanyiubah is away in Katsina to play the newcomers. 

The good news on these fixtures is that while we have an extended rest to prepare and ready ourselves for the weekend, our opponents for the weekend, Lobi Stars are playing Rangers today as well. This should mean we are better placed to get a result- we have filled up tanks and we should make the trip earlier enough in readiness for the weekend. Is it too much to hope for a decent result in Markurdi? 

We would look at the weekend fixture in our match preview on the match day but someone brought my attention to one of our posts in the recent past and it would be nice to say a thing or two about it today. For many, Enyimba’s successes seem to have earned the club the tag of one of the most hated teams in the country. The respect is there notwithstanding but so also is the envy and hatred. 

The post in question was about the incidents in Lokoja. This fellow said “You people whine like you don’t buy referees.” Like we are without such sins and if we don’t get dodgy decisions in our favour once in a while. Before I go on, I think it’s possible to have a conversation or agree/disagree with someone on social media without insulting them and all. We all should show we were well trained. 

I’ll repeat, we have had decisions go for us alot of times and this is not unusual, it happens even in Europe. A team like Barcelona gets such calls to their advantage especially at home. Perhaps these said decisions are not as emphatic in Europe as they come here in our League but security and organization vary in the two different environments. 

Like our former captain did say one time, these decisions tend to balance out in the course of the Season but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that our referees must step up their performances and help the growth of our game. Most home teams have the ability to do well on home turf. In fact it’s more or less easier for teams to perform better with home support cheering. 

Some other times the away team does appear more fired up than the home team like we saw with Lobi Stars in Umuahia last season as well as with Wikki Tourists in Port Harcourt last year. We did escape in those games with something despite not really deserving anything. But it’s wrong to say we ‘buy’ referees especially when you don’t have any proof to that. 

The League is improving no doubt but the true test would be in the second half of the season. The organizers are doing their best but it’s still paper over cracks in this particular arena. I most certainly do hope that we get a fair game in Markurdi this weekend and that the guys actually turn up with an A performance because I can most certainly bet that a poor result in Markurdi could push us onto the bottom half of the table. Wouldn’t it? 

That’s all I can share this morning. Do have yourselves a fruitful and highly productive day. 

Back tomorrow 



3 thoughts on “Of Enyimba and referees and away teams 

  1. Nice piece, but the truth is,your plans was exposed on time,before your Match vs Tornadoes in LOKOJA,if you permit me,I will release a video on twitter to make you and others believe that the centre referee was given a whopping #1m cash,by your chairman, the referee from Yobe state,if your permit me,I will release evidence of that here on twitter,until then,I remain focused in contributing my qouta to the growth of the game.#ThePEOPLESeLEPHANT.


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