Available goal keeping solutions 

Good morning Guys, It’s Tuesday and February is gradually coming to an end. I hope things are opening up in accordance to your projections for the new year. It’s nearly March and before you know it, the first quarter would be gone. I know you’ve got your plans well and truly underway. I do hope so because as far as I’m concerned that is much more important than supporting Enyimba.

Isn’t it funny that being a football fan is a route to spend your money. You travel for away games, you buy tickets for home games, you buy jerseys and the like. You spend your hard-earned money on the club. That’s what supporting a football club entails. You even have your emotions all over the place cos of results and teams performances. 

This is what we signed for. Bottom line though, all you’re doing for the club is inconsequential if you are not making any progress in your own life. So, take that course, get started with that business, marry that girl, get that admission. Stay within course for your projections for the year and if you don’t have any, it’s about time you started. 

Thoughts this morning are on our Goalkeeping department. Currently we have Safe Hands Theo who we signed from Kano Pillars only a little about a year ago. Fast forward a year later, we saw the likes of Femi Thomas, Moses Ocheje and Joshua Enaholo leave the club and the club moved on swiftly to get new acquisitions. Fatau Dauda from Ghana, Friday Achimugwu and some Izundu Njoku. 

The games would come in abundance this season no doubt but it’s quite an interesting development ongoing in between our sticks. Who would be the first choice? Fatau Dauda is a Ghana International Goalkeeper and even though he doesnt look their first choice, he’s still some quality. Same can be said of Theophilus Afelokhai who is one of the better Goalkeepers in the League. 

Talk then of Achimugwu who was first choice for Giwa. His quality too is undoubted. The fourth man Njoku is probably devoid of League action and experience but he comes with strong recommendations and he’s touted as one for the future. That said, it’s interesting who Mr Ogunbote would hand the reins. You would think its a one on one battle between Afelokhai and Dauda. 

We have lamented on the inconsistencies and poor show of our defenses but the man behind them is quite as important. Someone said a good goalkeeper saves you 10 points per season. I agree. In this period when we are looking for good performances away from home, the quality of the Goalkeeper must also be evaluated. We just have to have the best.

I hope the gaffer gets this right. 

Back tomorrow 



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