Enyimba vs Akwa United postponed! 

It would be criminal to start this blog today without mentioning and indeed appreciating the number of positive admonitions following yesterday’s blog. Virtually everyone of them feedbacks firmly asked that we kept the blog on. It’s been very tough doing this especially with my academic schedule but I’ll keep doing my best. 

Games would be played all across the country today but we are sitting this one out. Reason being that we just returned from Maiduguri yesterday. Who’s surprised? No one should especially if you’re a daily visitor of this blog. Last week we did hammer on the monstrous fixture workload we have in the weeks ahead and prayed that perhaps the team at least returned by air. Sorry but that did not happen. 

The result is that we have to play our midweek game on Thursday. The away team is Akwa United. A side that I think can afford to travel to Calabar Thursday morning and save up that hotel bill :). Uyo is just an hour away. It won’t happen though because the players need as much relaxation ahead of the game. I mean the Akwa United guys. Why am I even talking about their relaxation and comfort? They can arrive an hour to kickoff for all I care. 

It’s a big big one for us- that game and the only way to keep tabs with the folks top of the pile is to ensure its a well won three points. More of that in tomorrow’s blog. So we play on Thursday, travel to Markurdi Friday. Arrive by Saturday (like last season)? Then play on Sunday. About time we showed that we are the big team we keep telling everyone we are, don’t you think so guys? Oh by that I mean improved transportation for our guys. 

At the game in Maiduguri, in the absence of the trio of Mfon Udoh, Ifeanyi Anaemena and Andrew Abalogu in the starting XI, Goalkeeper Theophilus Afelokhai was to wear the armband. But seeing how significant the game was for striker Ibrahim Mustapha, Safe Hands Theo handed him the armband. I wasn’t there obviously but it’s not difficult to predict what kind of reception he must have gotten. 

He did say his family and his future wife was going to watch him play that game and I’m thinking…If my future wife is watching me while I’m playing, would that affect my play? Would her presence make me play differently? Get me more focused or would it be a distraction? I don’t know because I’ve not played football professionally before and more importantly, I’m not married yet. 

I’m just asking those questions for information purposes. Not to criticize anyone or point out what anyone did wrong. So maybe Footballers feel free to lecture me. You know the appropriate feed back mechanisms, let me know what you think about the questions above. Thank you in advance. 

OK guys, that’s all we can talk about today. Have a blessed Wednesday and you know the drill- 



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