Routine El-Kanemi win but don’t we deserve more? 

Good morning Guys. We had no show on the blog yesterday and that was not unconnected with the outrageously busy weekend. It was so bad that despite having a blog post handy and ready, I still couldn’t upload or share. One of two things would happen. Either the blog gets shut down eternally or we hire someone to do this for us. 

Enyimba lost in Maiduguri and that’s not a surprising thing at all. No team has gotten a point off Ladan Bosso’s El-Kanemi Warriors at home. Not even a point and that does say a lot for a team that is pretty much shit away from home. Make of that what you may.

We actually have a guest post this morning and it hammers on the same issues we have been talking of in the recent past. It’s actually good to hear someone talk about it. Strangely enough, this post is written by @whoisfrance and you won’t find a Twitter name for him. 

Supporting a club in the Nigeria Professional Football League can be frustrating, not just because of the numerous issues bedevilling the league but getting information about the NPFL can be tumultuous. Following a club solely via social media is painful especially in this time and age but when that is not even available, how would you be able to follow/support? 

Enyimba FC is my club and I have been a fan since 2003, it has not been easy following my beloved club. You source for information like it is gold, and it is gold to you because of how much you love the club and invariably the league. 

Today, I checked the enyimba website (I had placed myself on a lengthy ban from checking in order not to further break my heart), but I had to check for the purpose of this article. Surprise, surprise, my heart was broken, the Enyimba website that used to be the pride of the NPFL, a reference point for other clubs that had below par websites or no website had become a shadow of itself. I was truly heartbroken, the website has little or no info, no news items, no articles to peruse as it used to be and no fixtures, results, tables, nothing. All that is left is what I would call a doomsday clock counting down to what I don’t know. 

ThatEnyimbaFan blog has been the best source of Information and without it, a lot of us Enyimba fans would be in the dark about the club and we cannot appreciate this enough. However, it is sad to note that those entrusted with the responsibility of informing the fans and supporters of this great club decided to abandon their duties except times when it is convenient for them. We only get updates on Twitter and Facebook intermittently, and as mentioned earlier, our website is indefinitely in coma. 

Sunday, we played away to El-Kanemi Warriors and I for one was hoping for a result of some sort, most likely a draw but I was disappointed that once again we fell short. I don’t want to talk about the game, in fact, I cannot talk about the game because there is no other info out there at the moment except that we lost by a goal. 

My focus is on the lack of information from the LMC or Enyimba Media Team, I was following the game via @LMCNPFL but all of a sudden they stopped giving updates about the game. I only knew we conceded via FlashScore on the 75′ but they didn’t update the scorer of the goal and till this very moment, I don’t know who scored against us.  Was it a penalty? Or what? Someone needs to tell us. 

Just like the case of Enyimba website, you want to ask, are we going forward or regressing? The LMC Media impressed last season in terms of getting highlights on YouTube. I saw an average of 6 games every week in HD sometimes but this season the LMC wants us to get highlights via mobile, a laudable idea in terms of revenue generation but why restrict the service to a particular network provider? I am yet to see any highlights this season because of this. 

Maybe another day we will talk about how we have a ridiculous TV deal that shows only two games every week. I think I am done with ranting for a day. The truth is, we need more info- what are we fans for if we can’t even see our team? 

Back tomorrow folks 



5 thoughts on “Routine El-Kanemi win but don’t we deserve more? 

  1. Updates from Maiduguri are hard to come by. The Enyimba game is not the first and I don’t think it will be the last.

    Though not in defense for the LMC, I think the explained that the highlights will not be particular to one mobile network provider. I believe they’re working hard to get it across all the popular network providers.
    I understand your rants totally. I haven’t lifted my ban on checking ever since the countdown elapsed and got restarted.
    Does that mean they can’t get us a good website? there are very good developers in and around Aba.

    Let me stop my own rants before it becomes longer than the blog post itself.

    Have a great day!

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  2. Goal scorer is said to be Hussein Bata.

    To the rant:
    Lack of information strangles me daily. It is difficult following the NPFL and any team wholesomely. Enyimba’s media channels looked like it is run as the person in charge feels. If he is happy, we have update, else “you all go to hell”. That countdown clock is just evil. My God.

    Matches in Maiduguri have always been like that. The LMC gives out updates in the first 70mins but after that the next you see is FT: El-kanemi Warriors 1-0 XYZ. Foul play? Not out of the equation.

    Where can we get official information? To whom shall we look up to? The burden of following the league.

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  3. It’s more than painful and the hardest thing to say that I am an enyimba fan,when I cannot watch my club or even get information about the club. it’s more than heartbreaking. football is part of my life and enyimba is the club it’s only God who can save us from this heartbreak….Thank God for: ThatEnyimbaFan#

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