Enyimba jersey for fans and sour grapes 

Good morning Everyone, It’s Friday and another week winds up. For us, attention shifts gradually toward our weekend duel with Ladan Bosso’s El-Kanemi Warriors. It’s going to be some game, that but that’s certainly not our focus for today. We have the next couple of days to sort that out.

Is that fixture for Saturday or Sunday? Can’t remember if games are played in Maiduguri on Sundays as well. I know a lot of games have been played there on Saturday. Guess I’ll knock a few LMC doors and get that confirmed. It’s a shame that we can’t get the answer to this question from the club official website. Cos there’s none. We’ll keep making the noise till something is done about it. 

In similar light, someone sent me a message on Twitter yesterday asking where and how he could get an Enyimba jersey in Canada. My instinctive response was – people for Nigeria never get, e come be you wey dey Canada. I didn’t say anything of that nature- come on, I’m a good person. So I gave a nice and formal response to which he gave a Thank you. 

But it’s a shame isn’t it? This isn’t a question like in other clubs where there are no buyers for their merchandise. You see these merchandise lined up everywhere on Facebook and the like. Ours is that we keep potential customers craving and asking for these things to no success. How much can our club make by selling 50,000 jerseys? Cos I don’t believe we have less than 50,000 fans who would readily buy our jerseys. 

Do a little Math. If a football club makes a profit of 1000 (One thousand Naira) from each jersey sold. That’s fifty Million Naira. Not much Yea? Is it possible that fifty Million Naira cannot do anything for Enyimba? We are looking for Sponsors for the club Yea? How about having this merchandise generated revenue? Setting up this isn’t rocket science. No it’s not. 

A club with over 50,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook. Add that to the teeming League followers on Facebook and Twitter. What this means is that you have a strong social media presence. Record weekly pressers/interviews for players or the gaffer. Doesn’t have to be much. 3 minutes is enough with the backdrop having names and logos of your sponsors and that’s twice or thrice weekly advertisements for them on social media. 

Today’s TV is the Internet and our Football has an increasing fanbase especially on social media. This means every sane business must plan to reach these fans where they are and clubs like Enyimba is a very viable prospect. The issue is that these companies may not know these things themselves until someone tells them. We’ve said these things over and over that they are beginning to sound sour grapes. Someday we would get serious with what we want to do with our football. Someday. Amen 

Finally for today, we learnt striker Ismaila Gata is getting married this weekend. We wish him all the very best and May God bless his home now and always. And just in case you didn’t hear, Fatau Dauda and his Ghanaian Black Stars will settle for third place, having been knocked off by Cameroon.  

Guess that’s all I’m able to put together today. More tomorrow. 



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