Bassey to Barça: Sign of changing times or more of same 

Good morning Everyone and welcome to February! January 2017, the longest month I’d known is finally out of the window and February is here. It would be a fruitful and productive month for us and God will guide us into his will and plan for our lives in Jesus Name. Amen. 

The big news is that Ezekiel Bassey aka Hazard looks to have played his last game for us in that Abia Derby as he has been announced by Barcelona B team as their newest signing. Sounds a bit like April fool but it’s really happening. Cyberspace was agog with the news after the club’s official website tweeted it. By Club I’m certain you know which club I’m referring to. 

(Had to mention that because our dear Enyimba waited till the news became stale to announce it. Same thing they did when Ogunbote eventually signed. An independent reporter in Lagos broke the news first several hours after the man had signed in our office. I believe the club loves being a bit secrecy about things like that. Well, professional clubs are not run that way. Up till today we don’t have a list of our signed players for this season. Well-done!) 

Anyway back to the Bassey story. When the Barcelona website tweeted it of course in Spanish, I quickly copied and pasted on my Google translate too and here’s what it translated. 

The FC Barcelona and the Enyimba Football Club have agreed to an agreement for the cessation of the end of the season for the player Ezekiel Joseph Bassey by Barça B. The agreement included a purchase option for the following seasons. L’atacant nigerià, of 20 years, will pass the reconeixement mèdic in les properes hores.

L’extrem nigerià supports the attack of the subsidiary and will undergo medical review durant les properes hores. 

The Google translate tool is not human and could only translate what it could but the message isnt that ambiguous. Bassey has an opportunity to play in the World’s biggest football club if he impresses in the Barcelona Team B. He’s probably going to be training with Lionel Messi one of these days very soon. Pinch yourself! This is happening!!!

We did hear sometime of a proposed move to West Ham a couple of months ago but somehow that one didn’t come to fruition. Paul Aigbogun’s tenure saw less and less of him as well and we did write a post about him here on the blog as we sought to find out what was wrong. Just a handful of appearances that year and out of the blues this happens. 

In the past we have accused Enyimba of being very difficult with regards to letting players go to Europe. Either they are holding out for quite a lot or they just dilly dally till the interested club walks away. So this is really heartwarming to learn that this actually happened and the club wasn’t as difficult as we’ve learnt them to be. More of same! 

Can’t help but be absolutely chuffed for the lad and we hope he grabs this chance with both hands. The opportunities will surely come but the question remains what happens when they come. Will you be ready? I hope he is. I hope he goes all the way to be a world beater. ThatEnyimbaFan blog wishes him a fruitful sojourn to Europe. 

This should be news enough for your consumption today and with the word count already gulped down, we’ll do the proverbial “ufo ji fo, ufo ala afo.”

Back tomorrow, 



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