Enyimba 2-0 Gombe: Tough but job nicely done against desert scorpions 

Good morning Everyone, if there was one man in the world who I wanted to be at the U. J Esuene yesterday, it was @FisayoDairo. He authored today’s blog post and trust me, you’ll love every bit of this. Not noise making. Read for yourself. Below. 

When a manager makes a double change and it immediately impacts a game, having direct effect on the final result, then he must get the plaudits for it. That was Gbenga Ogunbote yesterday in Calabar.

After an hour of directionless toiling, the gaffer introduced Joe Osadiaye and Ismaila Gata on the hour and that was all Enyimba needed to break the obstinate resolve of Manu Garba’s Gombe United. They provided width and extra physicality respectively.

What Osadiaye did was not surprising to me, I’m used to it but Gata surprised me with his willingness to battle the tough tackling Gombe players in a ruthless manner. The final 30 minutes was good but a lot of people at the arena can not forget the first 60. Not pleasing to the eye.

For me, the summary of Enyimba’s first 60 minutes in the game was – anxiety. “Make una cam dan nah”, a concerned citizen said beside me. They were in a hurry, partly because Gombe was not giving any breathing space. Tackles flying in here and there and it’s no surprise that Enyimba failed to create chances then.

Things changed after the break and I felt Omotayo Adebogun was unlucky to be chalked off for Osadiaye because he brought flexibility and dynamism to Enyimba’s play. He started out as a left winger but drifted deep inside to conduct things more and his dead balls were super.

Dare Ojo was the man of the match as he had a hand in both goals but that young left back Udo is pretty good too. Ifeanyi Anaemena needs serious talking to about his temperament but Ibrahim Mustapha is a goal poacher and a true number 9.

Finally, if only the Calabar pitch can be better, Enyimba would enjoy Ogunbote. The signs I’m seeing can not be easily carried out on such pitches. That’s the much space will allow me. My pleasure doing this. 


Thank you Fisco. 3 kilos of turkey for you at Christmas. Back tomorrow guys. 



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