Not sure of what to say? Shut your trap! 

Good morning Guys, 
As the world continues to mourn our defeat in Jos, ITKs and ‘oversabi’ pundits on the other hand are not relenting in grabbing the microphone on their non-existent pulpits as they keep trying to establish what they believe is wrong with Enyimba. It’s so shocking how everyone has become a Pep Guardiola + Gary Neville and no, they are not even keeping their funny thoughts to themselves. 

I did stumble across one that really got me so pissed I had to respond the only place I can- here on the blog. (ITK of course means ‘I too know’). So here is the guy’s post. It’s shared below. I won’t name names because I don’t even have it and when he sees this, know my intention is to help him see how silly and wrong his stance and belief system is. 

Plateau United v. Enyimba

Score: 3:1

Today I watched the end of an era emerge. I was most disappointed with Enyimba, their coach has fallen my hand and I am crest fallen. Plateau united were well organized and the things I was worried about the team from last season a man I originally lambasted Coach Kennedy Boboye is making me eat humble pie. 

A couple things were glaring obvious and my biggest pain today is that for former champions Enyimba have completely lost it and the best thing today was Dare Ojo and the late entrance of my boy any day any time who conjured a few opportunities with his entrance but it was too little too late.

On the other hand Azango was too much for Enyimba and honestly Boboye don buy himself genius who adds to the quality fan and others have. Today Elijah Golbe whom I have personally has in two games staked a claim for Super Eagles. He now has two goals and his yeoman’s job in defence helped secure the win.

What did Enyimba do wrong on the night, their players were generally heavy and were basically ball watching. Their passes we’re so poor they only strung five good passes towards the end of the game. They don’t have intelligent creative midfield players and their direct approach is deadly poor. 

They failed to clear their lines and actually never troubled troubled Plateau United save for the brilliantly taken free kick by Dare Ojo that was reminiscent of Christiano Ronaldo as he completely defeated the wall and the goal keeper’s very poor positioning cost him dearly. United showed little weakness in most departments of the game.

The Game in numbers:

PU v Eny











Score Keys:

PC: Passes completed

PF: Passes Faulty

TC: Tackles Completed

TF: Tackles Faulty

S: Shots on target

SO: Shots off Target

Off: Offsides

C: Corners

T: Throw ins

F: Free Kicks

Two brilliant Free Kick goals and beautiful finishing by PU with debutant Emeka Umeh scoring an absolute beauty to finish off the game. Boboye’s substitutions were brilliant on the night.

Every sinew in me wants to attack every word this fellow put up and got sharing on social media but it’s a waste of energy. Merely reading his posts, he said himself that people who he made hasty conclusions about in the past made him eat the humble pie. It’s hence safe to say this post is another hasty conclusion for which you, Mister can expect an oven full of humble pie. 

Enyimba has completely lost it? Because we lost a game, 3-1? It’s good to hear you’re praising Kennedy Boboye as the new tactical wizard. It’s obvious you’re new to the league, I’ll advice you have a chat with Sunshine Stars and Abia Warriors fans on the importance of lasting the distance. 

It’s intriguing how you were able to get the match stats yet you couldn’t tell it was Ikechukwu Ibenegbu and not Dare Ojo that got our goal. Two beautiful free kicks should mean one of theirs and one for us, because if you’re saying like your last paragraph describes that that’s what they scored from then that also is incorrect. 

Finally, I don’t suppose scoring consecutive free kicks is enough to earn someone a Super Eagles call up. If you don’t know what to say, just stop at the ones that actually make some sense. Is all well at Enyimba? No but this your post did not mention even one of the problems at the club. 

Yea, I’m done. I’ll be back tomorrow 



One thought on “Not sure of what to say? Shut your trap! 

  1. The guy said the truth since two years now i know enyimba has lost it.. They dont play enterprising football again.. This is not enyimba i used to know


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