What end product do you deserve? 

Good morning Everyone. Trust all is well with you and yours. The team is in Jos having arrived yesterday and we ready to tackle Kennedy Boboye’s Plateau United. Incidentally, we’ve not gotten anything in Jos in the very recent visits there. A bad ground for us if you call it that. It should change tomorrow though. 

My thoughts today are Incidentally not Enyimba related. OK, well, related only in a very little way. No beating about the bush, let’s get started. On Saturday, FC Ifeanyiubah decided to discontinue a game after the Centre Referee pulled out a trick from her bag, disallowing what looked a very legit goal. The replays are all over social media, just a little digging and you’ll find it.  

They did stop play in the 50th minute of that fixture and a game which supposedly was on TV got halted. The first game of the #NPFLIsBack fixtures. That game ended at that point and yesterday, the football league managers meted out punishments to the team, their officials and the match officials in charge of the game. At that point of course, we all knew the consequences especially the 3 points 3 goals for Pillars. 

What however many people were unaware of was that shortly after the incident in Kano, some guys took to twitter, justifying their actions in Kano and got the hashtag #ShehuDikkoMustGo trending. I think Nigeria trends reported it as one of the top ten trending hashtags in the country for a couple of hours.  

You can go on twitter and search that hashtag and read some of the despicable, vile, foul, hideous, repugnant and obscene things these fellows were tweeting. One even cited the Giwa case of last season as how the LMC is trying to frustrate privately owned clubs. Then came the name calling and insults. It was just too much for my sane mind to take in. Insults were hurled at League managers who have done their best to get our League to where it currently is. 

It made me shudder at what obviously appears to be the trend of things in our country. White is white only if the principal involved is someone we revere and adore. Black on the other hand also has a chance of becoming white if it serves the interest of our favored person and he would benefit from it, one way or another. Few hours later, an official statement comes from the club hierarchy denouncing the decision of the club to discontinue the match while metting out punishment to some of the club officials.  

As young people growing in a very interesting country, it’s essential that are careful as to what trends we copy and follow. It’s important to ensure we are not caught defending what is wrong and twisting the truth and cuting the wrong instances because we want to please someone. You may gain the favour immediately and maybe some financial gain but before the eyes of the one you’re defending, you’ve written yourself off as a liar and dishonest person. 

It’s important that we build our lives on truth and not falsity. Promotion in life comes from God and not from a human.  It probably sounds old-fashioned but humans forget and no human can give you as much as God can give you. I crave the blessings of God in my life. I crave the upliftment of God and his favour hence I won’t sacrifice truth just to impress someone and get their favour. 

Beyond just being football fans, there is a real world out there that honors truth and beauty and happiness. The laws of God mean that whatever a person sows they will reap the same but in a greater measure. The harvest surely will come, question is- what materials have you sown into your life and your future?Time is the vehicle that will bring you to your bountiful harvest. Good or evil. It’s your choice.  

That’s all we have time and space for, back tomorrow. 



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