#NPFLIsBack: Sunshine at 4

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, your season starts here! Enyimba will kick off their season this evening with an early evening date with Sunshine Stars of Akure aka the Akure Gunners. Welcome guys to the 2016/2017 NPFL Season. 

In truth it did start yesterday and whilst I’d sternly admonished myself that the shameful events in Kano need no mention on this blog today, it would be utterly senseless to completely keep mute about it. I’ll leave out the details cos everyone knows what transpired in that game but if that is a sign of things to come then it’s a long season ahead.

It however was interesting that Pillars lined up six ex Enyimba players. Really funny. I mean does it mean Pillars are like down to bare bones having absolutely no quality to match as much as the six starters. Kamal, Razak, Emma, Udoji, Aloma and Bala all started. Najare was even on the bench. If that’s how limp Pillars was then it was a good thing we gave them that number of players to help their destiny. 

We do have a match to talk about so let’s leave Pillars and their issues. It’s a fresh Enyimba side and it’s very likely 70% of the starters this evening would all be making their debuts for Enyimba. That’s of course including the gaffer- (you would quickly remind me that we start out nearly every season with a new man in the dugout). Welcome to your first real Enyimba bow, Mr Ogunbote. We pray its a memorable one. For the good reasons that is. 

It’s a shame that at this time we can’t even tell who the new signings we made are. There was a time when Enyimba had the best website as well as the best media team. It’s not so anymore. News is very precious with Enyimba nowadays but it’s a blessing that all those new signings being muffled and hidden from the world will at least be brought out to the fore today. 

Anyway, there’s not much to talk about today’s game save that it is essential we kick off our season nice and early. A good and well deserved victory will do a lot to our confidence which was damaged by last season’s travails. A repeat of that resounding victory like the Ezekiel Bassey inspired 3-1 win two season’s ago will be just fine. For a side that nicked 4 points off us last year, we sure do have some unfinished business with them. 

It’s difficult to tell what the fan’s turnout would be like in this one but I do hope we have made sufficient noise in Calabar for fans who live in that city to show up in support for us this evening. That said, there probably are fans who will make the trip from Aba. We pray them journey mercies and the right reward – a resounding win. 

Perhaps it would be Ismaila Gata leading the line or Ibrahim Mustapha or Christian Obiozor. Today’s line up will tell what the gaffer thinks of the strikers in his armory. The other question would be what happens at Right Back. It’s not too long from now till we are able to tell what the thinking of the gaffer is. 

Let’s pray his decisions are divinely inspired such that they’ll yield the ideal result. Kickoff is 4pm and live updates would be via the official channels. 

Back tomorrow with good news I hope. 




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