Signings, potential signings and final preparations as new season beckons

Good morning Guys, With a friendly scheduled against Rivers United today, should we be looking at doing a Match Preview? Probably the caliber of the opposition should encourage us to do a preview but is it really the right thing to do?  It’s a what we call a grade A friendly but like every other friendly we’ve had this period, what matters is getting set for Sunshine on Sunday. 

They’re surely a stronger and better prepared opponent especially with how nicely assembled a squad they’ve got and the program they’ve been involved in recent times. We should look to test ourselves against them and hopefully there won’t be any dodgy penalty decisions that should make us abandon the game. I’ll take a defeat this evening if it guarantees a win vs Sunshine on Sunday. 

We still haven’t been able to see the full list of additions, players signed for the new season. So for those who keep asking, there’s no way we can know those until it’s officially released by the club. Alternatively, we could wait till the new season starts and we’d see who makes the lineups and all. Not sure how many times we would say it for it to really sink but our football should have gone past the level of making guesses for who your club has signed. 

From sniffing around news on social media, it appears the club is either about to or is currently discussing or have completed the signing of former International Peter Suswam. He’s a Right Back and at 6feet 1 inch, he’s got some decent height. The gist does make sense because that Right Back could use some serious strengthening although we did announce on this site that we signed some fella from Heartland earlier. 

He represented Nigeria in the Youth category and I think he also did play for the Super Eagles at some point. During the Lars Lagerback era. After playing at Wikki and Lobi he headed to Europe. Five years and about 59 appearances later, he’s back home and he’s most likely going to don our blue. Quality players are more than welcome especially those who help us achieve our goal of rising back into the echelon of local football. 

There’s a lot talk around of the signing of Midfielder Solomon Okpako. Actually there’s a post where the gaffer was quoted saying he would add more steel to our defensive midfield position. We do have Kelly Kester and Dare Ojo both of which are excellent in the position but you can’t deny the important of a quality DM in a long and gruesome NPFL season. 

What matters beyond all things is having a fully fit, quality laden squad capable of lasting the season and delivering in the duels we would be involved with this term. With a top quality gaffer whose ability to get his squad fired up to play for him is unquestionable, a good squad should land us in our promised land. 

That’s your lot for today folks. We are taking it one day at a time and so far it’s looking real good. Have a beautiful and very fruitful Tuesday. 

Back tomorrow. 



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