A big one before the season’s start

Good morning Enyimba faithful. Regular service has resumed here on the blog and our attempt to tackle the challenge right before us.  It’s a Sunday morning and interestingly just one week to the start of the new season. By this time next week, we would be penning a preview for the game vs Sunshine Stars.  That fills my heart with gladness. It should yours too. 

Before we get there though, the club has a high profile friendly game scheduled for Tuesday with the new oil goons- Rivers United. The game which should be played at our newly adopted home ground in Calabar should be the perfect tonic as the new season beckons.  Tuesday evening I believe and a mini reunion for all those who jumped ship. 

I’ve always wondered what home games in Calabar would be like. Honestly, I’ve not been able to even wrap my head around it fully and whether or not it can be a formidable home ground for us remains to be seen. That should be our prayer as we get things started next weekend. It’s a good one that we don’t have the distraction of playing in the Continent. 

Meanwhile the gaffer has been talking about the pedigree of Enyimba, the magnitude of task ahead of him and how many times the offer to manage the club had come before he eventually chose to give it a shot this time.  

Enyimba is a club with a rich history and pedigree, it will be challenging replicating those successes but I think it is achievable with the right attitude.

Other clubs are also jealous of Enyimba’s successes and they are trying to emulate us. It is also a challenge to them because of the team’s status.

The pedigree is so great because they are known to be winning laurels both locally and internationally, so, we will have to work harder to keep the tradition.

The pre-season training is how to get them back on track because many of the players left and we have employed the services of better replacements,’’ he said.

The gaffer then went on to confirm how many years his name was the club’s choice as gaffer. The whispers has been there no doubt. It’s good to have him confirm it.

“The contract for Enyimba’s job has been in the pipelines for about four seasons ago; I thank God it materialised this season.

“Anytime the management comes for me, it is either I have been contracted by other clubs or something beyond me.

Going to Enyimba is a good challenge for me and I am ready for such with my vast experience about the league,’’ he added. Amen.

We wish the new gaffer and his crew the wisdom to manage things here at the club for as long as his contract runs.  

That’s all I can put together right now.  Have a blessed Sunday everyone.  



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