New year and new challenges

Seven days into the new year and we are posting our first blog of the year. Happy New Year Everyone. How was your holidays? Hope great. May this year be for us, the very best year so far. Productivity, increase, blessings and everything we long for and most earnestly desire. Amen.

We have to make this very short and straight to the point. When ThatEnyimbaFan blog began, the foremost challenge was if we can keep it up professional and running. Next was the challenge of making it a daily affair. Putting together posts sane enough and engaging, everyday. We also did accomplish that.

And steadily we grew, improving in quality and content and of course audience. It’s a little bit like our club and the challenge facing it this year. The need to overcome the challenge of playing away from home for yet another season, playing with a set of players who on paper are with us only because no other club would have them.

Yet we the fans expect a strong title challenge this year. We expect a successful season, we expect that things would return as they used to back in season’s passed when we were the number one club in the country. Are we still currently the number one of the League? If you think we still are, you need to tell me your parameter for deciding that. 

Back to the issue of challenges. The blog is facing a very strong challenge this year and that is one of being written not early in the mornings but in the evenings when the day’s toils are over. This season and the next, the blog’s main author is 6 hours behind local time in Nigeria and that is some serious challenge. 

You may not understand it but the biggest challenge is staying in direct touch with the trends and happenings within the Enyimba stratosphere. Completely changing the routine to ensure the blog gets served early every morning. It’s difficult but that’s our challenge and like every other challenge before it, we are prepared to give it a push. 

This new season, we hope to not only provide daily blogs and news, we will also be back on our domain – We also will be present in as many match venues as possible to provide live updates. In addition to the couple of more things we want to do this new year. Would it be easy? By no means. But just as the challenges facing our club, the singular element is desire and we will get there by God’s grace. 

That’s all I have time and space for today. Most importantly, the blog is back and normal service resumes tomorrow. So, till then. 



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