For the year gone by and the coming year 

Good morning All, We’ve been away for a couple of days now. Apologies. It’s only sane we kick-start our break, I’m certain everyone would agree.

In fact, if not that we have stated here on the blog that we would announce the break before we zoom off, we would have veered off without any preinformation. My point is, this is the last blog post of the 2016 League season.

It has been a truly challenging year for us Enyimba fans. This time last season, we were basking in our record seventh League title but fast forward one year later, we are caught combining an identity crisis and a major rebuilding. The later of course looking going according to plan. 

Our prayer is that the new year, 2017 will be a beautiful year for Enyimba. A year the club will make significant progress in all fronts. Our stadium did not see any football action in all of 2016- we pray that’s not the case in 2017. In 2016, we ended the season with no trophy, no Continental responsibility. Let’s pray 2017 is different.  

As I write this, an idea has hit me. What if we get one or two or three more articles on our wishes for our club in 2017? Maybe some kind of bonus post. I’ll publish them with your names if you so desire. If you are able to send them before close of work today, then we’d have a blog post tomorrow. If not, then that’s it for this year. 

On a more personal level though, I’ll like you to do more than just eating and drinking this Christmas season /end of year. Please take out some time to pray and prepare yourself for the coming year. Pray for divine direction, pray against making silly and king-sized mistakes. Pray for your loved ones and your family. Don’t just jump into the new year unprepared. 

That said, I’ll like to thank everyone of you for your unwavering commitment to the blog this year. Thank you for coming everyday. For commenting, resharing, retweeting, Thank you. I appreciate every one of them. God bless you all. 

From every one of us at the blog’s backend, here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderfilled 2017. May God bless you and yours now and always. 



One thought on “For the year gone by and the coming year 

  1. thanks to you guys for a wonderful year (you made it so for me). I might not have plenty to give to show my appreciation for the work you’re doing. Posting stuffs for us to read. Even when we loose, draw, when there’s absolutely nothing and nothing good to write or say about the team, you’ve always had good things to put out there. God bless you guys for your immense work. May He continue to replenish your strenght, resources, efforts etc. that you put into having this for us and in your daily hustles. May he continue to smile on you guys. And to our team, it’s practically been a terrible year for us (by our standards) because some clubs would even celeberate finishing where we did (heartland and wolves) #shade. Nevertheless we can still pick some goods off the bads of the season. Hopefully all the mistakes off the out gone season would be corrected. We hope for a better season next year (may be winning the league). May God bless us all.

    Nzogbu Nzogbu, Enyimba Enyi!


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