Breaks and piling up the pressure 

Good morning All and blessings of today to you and yours. How’s the weather over where you’re at? Trust all is well with you. God be praised. This morning, our break also survives yet another day but as I type this, I do wonder how much this can go on. Everything within me just wants to pack my bags and kick-start the Christmas holidays. Let’s see tho, soon I’m certain. 

Yesterday’s blog post got varying degrees of reaction and someone even said he hopes I haven’t jinxed the young man or put untold pressure on him. I know we did write a thousand and two articles about Alloy Brown and look how that worked out. The intention is not jinx anyone or pile up pressure on the youngster. Far from it. Moreover isn’t pressure part of the game? 

The other set of response came from guys who celebrated the fact that Enyimba can boast of a player coming through the ranks. We don’t always have to buy them when they are ready made and costing millions. Take for instance our new striker Mustapha Ibrahim who we signed from El-Kanemi Warriors. When he spoke with me, he revealed he was born and bred in Maidugiri. Who doesn’t love a local boy who is playing for the big team in the city? 

You’d argue that Ikouwem Utin Udoh (that’s his name by the way) isn’t an Igbo name but so also is Alexander Iwobi who currently plays at the Arsenal and he’s termed as having come thru the ranks. So the name isn’t the issue- it’s the fact that he was given an opportunity to play in a big team not necessarily having blown the world apart with his talent and skill. Pretty much the same if you ask me. 

Away from that, I’m imagining what is happening in the goalkeeping department with the addition of what could be called a high profile goalkeeper. The other goalkeepers in the side know they are going to be on their toes in a bid to get playing time. The new guy is probably the new bride in town and just like Theo last season, he come with a reputation ahead of him. That means he gets to be looked at before the others. You won’t sign such a keeper and let him stay on the bench. 

The boys are home now. The buses arrived Aba yesterday and they have till the 1st of January for their Christmas break. Everyone is expected back for the 2nd of January especially if you really have plans of playing with the team next year. I did hear a lot of them didn’t even wait till getting to Aba to zoom off for their holidays. The irony is that next year isn’t as far away as it sounds, it is actually next week. 

That’s your lot today. I’m still gonna take some time to think about that break. Maybe we should really get it kickstarted but rest assured we will not just disappear without prior knowledge. We’ll dedicate a post to that regard. 

So I can safely say back tomorrow. 



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