A little bit of this and that 

Good morning Guys, Welcome to a brand new week! It’s the Christmas week actually and that fills me with so much delight. I’ve been in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and I’ll very likely be here for a little bit more. A mini vacation if you wanna tag it that and my friends and family here has made it quite a lovely time for me. Thank God for friends and family. 

Yesterday went with my younger sister to see the movie ’76. Boy, I’ve never anything quite like it. A beautiful storyline and a matured cast to match, the movie inarguably was the best I’d seen all year. Probably in two years. Growing up,’ Living In Bondage’ hard hit me the day I saw it and even in the days that followed, I was still entranced by it. Waking up this morning, looks like I have a relapse of that feeling. 

I won’t be telling anyone the story here, you should Google the movie and go to some cinema and go get dazzled. There’s a little connection with the historic events of our country’s past and I think that also added to the emotional #&&%@£™¥<]×[<^€~¥<]¦ that has me engulfed since last night. I’m very softy emotionally like that. Things get to me like that. You know what I mean by that- teary eyes after a movie. Whatever, that’s that for that.

This morning there isn’t much happening from an Enyimba perspective except that the team is getting set for the Christmas break. Like we announced on the blog yesterday, they are expected in Aba early this week – could be today or tomorrow or Wednesday but certainly not beyond that. And with the team going on break, it’s only imperative that we on the blog also take our own break. 

The one squeezing water out of the stone needs a breather too. News and info about our club and indeed our League is little and precious and it’s even worse when no one is in camp, so why not take a little time out to get some rest too? I’m not certain when our blog’s break will start but surely there would be one in the days ahead- could be tomorrow or Wednesday but whichever it is, there will be a blog post announcing it. 

Maybe I’ll start a diary of my Christmas holidays. I wonder how many of you would keep coming for that daily. What right do I even have to ask people to take a look at what’s happening in my life and in my aion? It most certainly defeats the purpose of making this blog ‘Enyimba focused’ and not ‘me- focused’. So having raised the thought, I’m also using this medium to squash it. Nip it in the bud, right there and now. 

Guess today’s blog is for people who just love coming here because there’s hardly any Enyimba detail in here today. Thank you for coming, I’ll have something lot better for your consumption tomorrow. I promise. 

And in the spirit of the advancing season, It’s not too early to start singing it- 

We wish you a Merry Christmas! 

Merry Christmas to you and your family and have a wonderfilled 2017. May God bless and keep you and shine his face continually upon you. 

Let me add the last one straight from my village- May the stockfish you bought for your soup be very tasty in it. 

Back tomorrow with something better. 



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