Captain Mfon Udoh, have we made the right decision? 

Good morning All. The trouble with waking up at 2am on a Saturday morning is the difficulty of locating your sleep when you want it. Then when it dawns on you that you have a hungry audience to feed by sunrise, you know your best bet is to quickly write the blog and share so you can go to bed and wake up whenever you feel like. Na only God know who sent me to open this blog. No I’m not complaining, even though it does sound like that. 

Yesterday’s blog got the highest views ever on the blog. Of keen interest really for us is the locations of these visitors. Nigeria understandably accounted for over 60% of our visitors while regions like the European Union, Norway, United States, United Kingdom and South Africa trotted behind. There were others also and maybe one of these days, I’ll share our stats. Someday when we’ve got nothing to talk. Not like today. 

Today we talk a little bit on our new captain and the rationale behind his choice. First of all, I think it’s a great decision picking Mfon Udoh as the captain of the club. Not because his surname starts with a U like Udoji but because it’s one stone the club will have used to kill two birds. Let’s start with PR, in Mfon Udoh, we have a player who knows what to say to the media, when to say it and when not to say it. From a long distance, it’s easy to see that he’s a very intelligent lad. 

Next, he’s one of the longest serving players in the team. It’s amazing to note but this is Mfon’s fourth year at the club. Guess our constant ‘crase’ for him to fly abroad made us overlook the fact that he is now the club’s longest servant. And not just a servant, he’s someone who has his name in gold colours as far as the League is concerned. He is the League’s record goal scorer even though the record is two years old, it’s still intact. 

Then on a personal outlook, what kind of person is he? As one who has been in close contact with the team, I can tell you, Mfon is a very sensible player. I’ll explain. He’s the kind of player who when the other players are making insane demands and all, he’s sitting aloof, with his own views on the issue and most times his stand is a right one. He’s not one you’ll catch making silly demands, striking for striking’s sake, he’s always got the right and intelligible view to an issue. He’s got his own moments of madness like every human but Mfon Udoh is a really nice guy. 

Then footballwise, appointing Mfon Udoh as the Enyimba captain means that he’s accepting that in every game, he takes responsibility of the performance of the team in the course of the game. We know how good he came for us in season’s past, we know how good a player Mfon Udoh is, with this, we can trust that for every game, he would lift his game and inspire others to do same. 

The fact also that Enyimba would be playing her home games in Calabar this season – a town where Mfon Udoh knows like that back of his palm means it’s also likely that would help with the growing of a fan base in that city. Mfon Udoh thus becomes one of the non Igbo captains of Enyimba, and it’s a good thing that Enyimba looks beyond the colour of your skin and where you’re from while appointing you as skipper. 

I do believe that the club is in a new phase of its existence and credit where it’s due, the suits in the boardroom have done creditably in steadying the ship. We’d trust that this will also be the case when the footballing action starts. So, on behalf of ThatEnyimbaFan and friends, Congratulations Mfon Udoh and our prayer is that your tenure would be trophy-laden and may it be a refreshing period in the history of our club. Amen. 

That’s your lot today. Back tomorrow. 



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