A little look into the new year and new stuff for the blog 

Hello Everyone, it’s been my habit not writing a blog when I’m feeling moody and sad because invariably a person’s dominant mood would surely find it’s way into what they’re writing. But sometimes like right now, I can’t avoid it, writing is some solace for me. It’s that place I run to when things around me aren’t going the way I’d thought they’d go. I don’t feel too happy right now but I’m gonna try my best to keep my mood from this article. 

I don’t have a lot of Enyimba things to share today and I’m very sorry about that, but should I really be sorry? Come on, there’s not much happening at the club. It’s only pre-season and with the recent news that the season starts next year, the intensity would have waned a little bit. 15th January is some time. So players should be heading home for a break soon and I believe from the 3rd of January or so, teams would start welcoming their wards back to camp. But it’s expedient our officials drum it in that ‘Christmas is the Lord’s Birthday and not theirs and hence no extra pounds from overfeeding.’

Looking into the new year, this blog would be on a different pedestal. First we want to get our http://www.thatenyimbafan.com domain back and that’s regardless of what it would cost. So hopefully Seyi is reading this right now and he’s getting ready to ensure ‘ThatEnyimbaFan stadium’ has its domain done and dusted before then. I think we could retain the theme- I love this design. So we’ll just pay WordPress for the domain. 

Then we are looking at having weekly podcasts. A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. This podcast would see us preview forthcoming Enyimba games after we’ve reviewed one just gone by. 

We could also look to add a thing or two like answering fan questions and announcing promos, quizzes and all. Moreover it would be nice some of you who have never heard what our voices sound like to actually get an opportunity for it. I hope it’s as exciting to you as I’m making it sound. Bottom line, we’d try to make it worth your while. You do trust us, don’t you? 

The podcast would be available for download and we would like to keep it between 15 and 20 minutes so we don’t lose our listening audience. The time above is a very short period to discuss any kind of football but it’s quite some time to listen to two or three adults rant about Enyimba. I pray we are able to keep it concise and clear as well as entertaining as well. That’s some task no doubt but it’s a challenge we would love to explore. We’d expect feedback too. If the fans don’t like it, we’ll quickly scrape it off. 

In other news, it does appear like the Falcons would be getting their money after all. News emerged that the Presidency says within 48 hours funds will be released for the outstanding payments. It’s a good thing that there’s some resolution to the matter finally but do we have to let things get this bad before we act? And mind you, this isn’t the first time such thing is happening – where Falcons failed to vacate their hotel after a victorious AWCON.

I pray we get administrators who have some shame in them cos it doesn’t look like there are a lot of them with that right now. 

Anyway, so let me know your thoughts on the proposed weekly podcasts and how you think we can make the best of it. Emails at thatenyimbafan@gmail.com would be most welcome. Like I said, it’s something that should start early next year unless you guys block it and ask that it never sees the light of the day. 

OK Guys I’m done and dusted for today. Incidentally I’m feeling a lot better than when I started this blog. So it worked, you could try that when you’re feeling down and blue too, on your own blog not mine.  

That’s all. Have a great day everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow. 



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