Some quality at Left Back and a few other stuff 

Good morning Everyone, How’s the weather where you’re at? Yesterday the whole country woke up the disheartening news of the freezing of MMM. OK, don’t think I’m writing this cos my money is in the deal because it’s not, but I do have a lot of people who were caught up in the crossfire. Add that to the fact that virtually everyone knows a friend or relative who has between 300k to 3m caught in the freeze. I hope you’re all OK tho. 

Who else is looking at Rivers United and feeling a little tinge of jealousy and envy and ‘I-wish-that-was-us’? The team landed in Spain for the final phase of their preseason tour after finishing runners up last season. Interesting world we live in nowadays. It appears second place is the new cool. Look at Rangers who won the title after 32 years, they’ve not even been hosted by their governor. 

Doesn’t that remind you of the current stand-off between the Falcons and the Nigerian Football Federation? The girls made it the 8th African Women’s Cup of Nations title. They’re still holed up in some hotel in Abuja while the runners up Cameroon have received their largesse from their government. I equally heard Samuel Etor also dolled them so money as reward for their efforts- finishing second. The guys who won the main thing are left even to ‘eat their trophy’. 

A lot is in need of fixing in our environment. A lot I tell you. I’ve realized tho, that there’s hardly a day in the recent past where I’ve had praiseworthy things to talk about on the blog. There’s a lot more can of worms to open up but it’s just sensible to keep these things to myself because it doesn’t appear like ranting about them works anymore. People just descend to fresh shameful depths daily like it all doesn’t matter. What a time to be alive. 

News has it that Left Back Chima Akas has teamed up with the squad in Calabar after a proposed move to Turkey hasn’t quite come done and dusted. Quoted in a news daily. He said he’s bidding his time- 

“I am in the Enyimba camp now in Calabar preparing ahead of the new season,” disclosed the experienced left-back. I just want to play football that is why I returned to my club. I can’t stay at home waiting for a deal. I know I will travel, but I cannot tell you the exact time. I am not in a hurry, I believe at the appointed time of God I will leave.”

This looks like a move that may happen in the course of the season, I hope we are prepared for the eventuality. In the meantime though, we could really use some experienced and quality reinforcement as the new season approaches. 

Finally for today- this. 

Central defender, Ifeanyi Anaemena is tying the knots. The date is 28th December 2016 as is seen in the picture above. You can reach out to him for more details with regards to directions to the place. If you have no plans of attending, kuku collect his account details and send him some ‘money for drinks’. Very important. 

That’s all I can share with you on the blog today. It wasn’t all that sad news was it? In fact it was more good than bad. We pray for many more in the future. 

Be in good cheer and God bless us everyone. 

Back tomorrow 



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