We can do more, We know we can

Ututu oma madu nile, It’s 13th December and Christmas is racing toward us in the speed of light. I had to say that to remind those who won’t remember that my barn doors are all open now. Start sending your Christmas (recharge) cards and other tangible pleasantries. Warning though, No Dog meat, no snakes, no centipedes, everyother thing should be OK. Thank you. 

Onto Enyimba issues right now. Yesterday’s discovery from the blog got a number of people infuriated, wondering how the team should be playing three hours from Aba. Add that to the wonderful state of the road between Aba and Calabar and you have fans ruling out the possibility of making those trips on Match days. I perfectly understand them. 

I remember a time two seasons ago, I was on official duty for the LMC and I was assigned to the Akwa United game. Their old stadium had been rejected by the LMC and they were yet to resolve the problems with the new one. So they were to condemned to playing their home games at the Calabar Stadium. Despite it just being just about an hour away, their fans wouldn’t make the trip nor did they even create any awareness of the game in the stadium. 

But we do need numbers at the stadium and we need our fans to see the team’s live games. Perhaps we can help ourselves by scouring for support in the town. Taking advantage of the Sports OAPs in town and having some kind of promo and reward for the loyalists who come. We won’t be able to create or reproduce that Aba atmosphere in Calabar but we can do a little more than just doing nothing. I believe if we manage this well, we can even have fans who will buy tickets to see our games in Calabar. 

For the bulk of the fans we have in Aba and in the other parts of the universe, I’m thinking the club can start thinking of ways to give them some match day experience. Some clubs in Europe have live radio feature on their websites where live commentary is run on Match days. Other have live streams for live video feeds for fans who are not at the game. That may be a little bit more at this time seeing no Nigerian club does it but aren’t we Enyimba? Shouldn’t we be the pacesetters? 

If fans have to pay a monthly subscription on the website to get access to audio and video feeds from Enyimba matches, that should improve and increase our internal revenue and I dare tell you, there are a thousand and one fans who will not love this and willingly pay whatever is demanded, but will see this as a step up for the club. It simply means beefing up the media department of the club and trust me, it’s not as involving financially. 

I think this goes for more than just Enyimba. Many clubs in the Nigerian Professional League would rather have no video cameras at their games. Such things may win you the primary three points but it’s much more costly in the future. I’ll explain. You’re training your team to win by all means rather than working hard to win the right way. Your players hence can’t attract big money moves and that’s potential cash seeping through your fingers. 

I’m looking forward to the day that our football will grow beyond this. Where clubs can make serious income for themselves taking advantage of the opportunity of football and the love from the fans. Up till today, several clubs don’t even have replica for the teeming support of the fans. I think that in these austere times, our football clubs can do more to augment what comes in financially. 

OK I’m officially done and dusted this morning. More tomorrow. 



8 thoughts on “We can do more, We know we can

  1. I wonder what really made the Enyimba management/Ikpeazu to take the team to Calabar. Maybe Okezie Ikpeazu has vowed to bury Enyimba of Aba because Aba people didnt vote for him in d last election. Posterity and we Enyimba fans will never forgive him and his generation if this his evil scheme succeeds.
    Nwa Aba ga-aru Aba my foot!


  2. Why no comment on our Aba stadium? What’s the state of the renovation? Will it continue adinfinitum? Eekenekwee m unu ooo! Enyimba going down? Hmmmm, up Enyimba!


  3. Worried fan my brother, i support ur write up. Even, my heart bleeds because of what Gov Okezie is doing to punish us the fans. Last season we suffered along PH roads and this coming season Okezie wants us to go and die in accident and in hands of armed robbers. God 4bid! It won’t work for him. I will never watch Enyimba outside Aba again.


  4. Sam Rio Nnaji, thank u 4ur passion 4Enyimba. I must seriously commend ur love and tireless efforts to make Enyimba a real professional club. Sorry dat the gov and oda politicians are killing ur gud PR work. Gov knew he will not finish d stadium work and he went their to mess up. Sorry Aba fans

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  5. I look forward to the day that the fortunes of Enyimba will not be hinged on the state government. Until that day, we would continue to be a sinking fund project. It is appalling that in our existence full of titles and player sales that we are reliant on the government. I look forward to the day that Enyimba remit money to the Abia State Government treasury. I look forward to the day Enyimba becomes completely independent of the government. I look forward. Right now, I am listening to Enya. Can we win the 2016/17 season? The head has the answer.


  6. Live audio and video feeds on our website, laudable! But what is our website address? We’ve had no Stadium and a website for longer than should be allowed for a club this big. Well, it high time everything is fixed else we’ll go the Heartland way (God forbid).
    With faith, I can only say, Our Enyimba will rise again! Believe!

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