Watching your ex make out with the cute guy at a party

Good morning Everyone, 

The Super Four kicked off yesterday and we were served up two classic games- FC IfeanyiUbah were dismembered by a Wikki Tourists side that refused to give up before Rivers United and Rangers served one of the most tactical battles I’ve seen of our local football ever. 

I was eager for the second game especially knowing these were the two best teams from last season. And on the basis of what we saw yesterday, it is unlikely these two sides would not be in the title mix in the coming season. It was a keenly contested game with a special player making all the difference- Chisom Egbuchulam is some gem, isn’t he? 

From an Enyimba point of view, our concern was on that second game because of the rumors we heard of our ex-players who had jumped ship. It was always a rumor until when in warm-up I saw Nzube and Femi numbered and named with Stanley Eguma’s men. Add those to Nonso Okonkwo and Markson Ojobo from the previous year and that’s the definition of pain. Raw pain.  

It led to the question, does football loyalty still exist? Or better put, is there such a thing as loyalty in football? In Europe we hear such things as ‘One club player’, but do such exist in these our regions? I don’t believe so. First of all, our clubs are not yet there where they will do everything to keep a player. They would feel they are giving the player more power than he can control.

Thinking about it even further, can we say we did out best to keep our best players? I don’t think so. Yes, the coffers may not have produced as much resources as our rivals and beyond that, the score reports from last term did little to help things. Moreover, we don’t even have any Champions League football to promise anyone anymore. If I was a player who found myself with these choices to make, I won’t be any different. 

Its not about having any beef with the club hierarchy or the fans, the fact is that, Footballers have an incredibly short football career. No matter how good you are, at 40 (society says life begins at 40) you’re at Football menopause. You’re probably married man now and you’re searching for a new line of work because your talent isn’t able to do much for you anymore by way of income. It’s always how you spend what you had earned during your playing time and the investments you’ve made that determine how you would take care of your family. 

So would it be OK to stay loyal to a club where another offers better and indeed more? Isn’t that how a lot of them joined Enyimba? They heard the great Enyimba is calling and that’s not only more money but promise of Continental football. And so they joined. Today, it doesn’t look like there’s a lot on the table we can bait anyone with and it does look like our rivals have the upper hand. 

Well, it looks sweeter when you’re the one turning in the screw but it’s not as nice when you’re the watching your stars line up for the other guys. I know I should have come to terms with the reality that these guys have indeed left our club, and we also do have our own new stars who can live up to the billing. But it does look like watching your pretty ex girlfriend making out with some cute guy at a party. 

It always hurts. A lot. 

Back tomorrow. 



One thought on “Watching your ex make out with the cute guy at a party

  1. Once again – an intriguing piece from the boss himself. Don’t worry, lack of continental footballl and the lack of pressure to perform might aid Enyimba’s recovery this season

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