A Frimpong for me, a Frimpong for you

Good morning Guys 

I’m gonna do a very quick one cos it’s a very jam-packed day for me. It’s 7th December, 18 days to Christmas but more importantly the birthday of my Pastor. So while I apologize for this coming up later than it ought, this is going to be a very brief one. 

The Super Four without Enyimba starts this evening and hurray football is back on our screens. It’s particularly heartwarming that the new season kicks off this year and not in the new year, February and the like when our Champions League and Confederation Cup oppositions are truly and deep into their seasons. We start out early this time and it’s a very good thing. I believe those games are all going to be on TV, so keep an eye out for those if you’re not in Enugu. 

My Enyimba thoughts this morning are on winger Eric Frimpong and what becomes of him this term. When he joined us, I was particularly eager to see him play especially knowing he was related to our former star Joetex Frimpong. I equally learnt there’s another member of their family who also plays football professionally- their parents must have lived close to a stadium. 

Anyway, our wait to see Frimpong perform for us dragged on and on but to no avail. He would be limited to the lowly friendly and State FA Cup games and while others played the League and the Champions League, Eric was firmly established as one of those taking care of the camp while everyone else traveled. But he kept his cool and his smile and whenever you came around the camp, he was always there with a smile to match. 

He did get his chance to impress in the home game against Lobi Stars. We nearly lost that game, settling for a 2-2 draw but he was our best performer by a mile and half. With Mfon Udoh and Ezekiel Bassey not really holding it down in that outside right flank plus injuries, you would have thought that that performance vs Lobi meant he’s walked into the team, no way! 

He would have a handful of appearances as the season wore past where he did his best to bring his quality to the fore. I think he featured in that final League game of the season in Nnewi. Where despite our defeat he did threaten a bit. The bulk of the players Enyimba let go at the end of the Season where majorly those he spent a lot of time with back in camp while others toured the world. He survived the cut, invariably meaning that his quality is not lost on the decision makers and the club has some confidence in what he can offer. 

I trust he does indeed get his chance this season. He’s already had a handful of displays in the pre-season games and he would hope the new gaffer unlike his predecessor shows more faith in him. It’s a big year for him and nailing down a starting berth at the club would meant battling it with the number of guys who can also play there. There’s at the least, Bassey and Dimgba and Mfon (if he’s still with us). 

I do hope he gets his chance this year. I sincerely do because the name Abdulrahman Bashir quickly comes to mind as I write this. The pressure cooker at Enyimba is probably the most intense of all clubs in the Championship but I do hope we get this right. Yes, how a player’s career eventually turns out also has a lot to do with their individual performances and disciplines but I just hope he gets his chance. 

I heard Alloy Brown is now with Abia Warriors. It’s only hearsay and it doesn’t really fill with my heart with joy. If it’s a loan deal, then that’s great but if he’s left us for good, then I am not delighted with the news. But then again, what does it matter? It’s only my thoughts and emotion and who cares? 

That’s all for today. 

Ill return tomorrow morning. Have a good one. 



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