Doing more for the girls, how you can play your part

Good morning All. 

Following yesterday’s blog, someone sent us an email saying things are the way they are because no one has supported or sponsored them. How they’re doing the much they can with what’s available to them and that things will not change except our administrators change their attitude. 

I agree that our administrators, most of them have failed in their responsibility toward the game, especially with regards to female football. I also agree that the Federation can do a lot better especially with supporting the women’s League. There’s no mincing words about it, our leaders can indeed do better in their contribution but they are not the focus of this post. 

The focus of this blog is you- the one who has chosen a career as a journalist. At this stage of your career, you’re not an administrator yet but a journo with a whole life ahead of her. The administrators are not coming to your games but you are. Our administrators don’t know these footballers at a closer range but you do and these footballers and their game are your playing ground. 

There is something you can do, surely. If you have enough data to do Instagram, Twitter and Facebook then you have the material to advance your career as a person and to leave an indelible mark in female football. If you’re careful to observe, you’ll realize that more than at any other time, there is a demand for information. People appear on social media and in the internet seeking information. 

This is how a lot of us started. Some of us were at empty stadiums, supplying info online. There are no spectators at the game but you are there. This means you have the opportunity to be the ‘go to’ person for people on social media who aren’t at your games. This means, you should start by telling yourself, you will be at as many women league games as possible. It starts with a decision. 

Next, get social media accounts. Get Twitter and Facebook accounts. That’s where the audience are and ensure you feed them information as regular as it happens. You may think no one is interested. Try liveupdating a game on Twitter, then go back on each of those tweets and check Twitter impressions. They will tell you how many people were paying attention and following your tweets. You will be amazed because contrary to your thoughts, people are actually following your tweets. 

Next, get a website. OK, you’re too broke to do that, so why not start a blog? We started this blog three years ago and somehow it has become a regular breakfast for many. It wasn’t always this easy from the start. It’s still never easy but there are encouraging signs and rewards too. Make it a daily challenge and while you may not be able to blog daily especially right now, make it weekly. Or bi-weekly. Starting a blog is easy- you can get free blogs on WordPress and Blogspot. Make a commitment to yourself to stay by it. Now you have a platform to secure your posts, and links you can share on social media. 

With a blog, your range is unlimited. Looking at the @EnyimbaEnyi Twitter account, it’s still bewildering how we have the number of followers we have on Twitter or the number of visitors we have on the blog daily. Look, if you have something good and new, people will always come. Write daily or weekly but more importantly stay faithful to it. Push these news in our faces. You’re building a profile for yourself. 

You can blog on the League or focus on a particular team. You can focus on the National teams and talk on the players or you can have one blog that does all this. Guess what? Keep doing this and you will not only have garnered more support for your game than you would have thought, but you will become an authority in your game. Someone that people who need info come to. You’re not far away from an official appointment if that’s your goal. You don’t think these big sports websites don’t have room to accommodate an authority in the women’s game? 

Our objectives here are different but that’s exactly how this blog started and evolved to what it is today. Last season, someone reached out to us from South Africa asking for help with commentary information as Enyimba readied to play Sundowns in South Africa. My point is, there is something you can do. And remember also that blogs and websites can start generating some money for you. That’s now people earn money doing what they love. 

Can you find one hour everyday to write or share stuff on your blog or website daily? Or wait, you don’t have any time right? You have all it takes to teach our administrators support for the women’s game. Start with it first and see where it all goes. 

That’s all I have time and space for. Apologies to our fans, tomorrow and the days ahead will be on Enyimba and return to business as usual. 

Back tomorrow



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