Not sure what to title this- some deep thoughts about our Enyimba 

On days when I don’t blog, I feel, regardless of the reason, that I have failed in my daily tasks and responsibilities. I know it’s easy to roll out excuses, you know but ultimately there’s that inner voice of my conscience telling me, I failed in my duty. Not like anyone sent me, it’s not like I’ll be fined or surcharged by my boss for failing to make it to work, it’s a personal challenge and by God’s grace I’ve been at it as faithfully as possible. 

There are days when there’s virtually nothing to write about. Think of it, the team is 3 hours away, the League three weeks away and nothing very concrete emanating from the camp and for a blogsite that’s turned news channel for the club, it takes a great deal manufacturing what to serve on these tables daily. The fans, our dear readers unforgiving in their demands for juice emanating from the club. 

All that notwithstanding, we still feel a sense of failure with any day that passes by and there’s no blog for the day. It does feel even harder with the fact that it’s been a challenging time for our club. So people eagerly anticipate good news- our stadium, player transfers, good results. Then the whispers, people who are in the know telling tales of what they believe is on-going at the club or what they feel is going to happen. 

This is why I really wish the League is starting this evening. It would be nice to actually have a stern and closer look at the new gaffer’s setup. Look at his team and try to make sense of what they’re trying to do. See the guys who have the opportunity to be Aba Legends. I know you’re probably gonna ask ‘Who Aba Legend epp?’. But it’s still better to be some cult hero somewhere than in nowhere at all. 

Maybe our emotional connections with our past- history, successes and players that you trust to represent the Enyimba on a match day makes us take any sad news about the club way heavier than it actually is. So when there are news of new players replacing our cult heroes, it’s like that conflict with the devil you know and the angel you don’t know. It’s burdened of course by the desire for success especially when other football clubs are also flexing muscles. 

Someone hit me up on social media a few days ago when she said “Enyimba is no longer the biggest team in the country, not even in the East”. Without thinking twice, ThatEnyimbaFan within me sprung up in defence. On and on the argument ranged and although I believe I eventual won, when I said, “We built the success that is Enyimba today, we can always do it again and again”, her own points left strong marks in my heart. 

Truth is the competition for dominance and supremacy in the Nigerian League front is going to get fiercer. Rivers United are looking some force as is the likes of FC IfeanyiUbah. Kano Pillars were ruthless at the end of the season and they look like they mean some business this time around. Rangers, Akwa United and Shooting Stars all look like they’ve got some reinforced columns. 

Then there are the newbies like Remo Stars and MFM who I heard some very encouraging sponsorship and partnership links such you would have associated with stronger brands like ours and maybe Pillars. Make no mistakes about it, the dyke has been raised even higher. There’s a greater challenge that we show that indeed we have earned the right to be called the best football club in the land. 

What the Champion does is to ensure that they grow with the changing times. You stay a winner when you keep leading. You don’t do what others are doing or even less and hope to remain top of the bunch, it would never work. You devise means to stay atop the pile such that you leave the chasing pack chasing after you.  

I’m done for today. I’ll be with you again tomorrow. By the way, a hearty Congratulations to the Super Falcons of Nigeria, you are the undisputed Kings of Africa. 



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