You’ve been fighting your entire life- here’s one more fight for you

Good morning All and thanks for dropping by as you do every other day. The sheer numbers we’ve been getting on the blog especially in the past couple of weeks have been very impressive and that’s humbling for us on the blog. A lot of you guys just show up, read and walk away, not saying a word. The stats feature reports your visit even if you never say anything, thank you and thank you again for your unwavering loyalty. 

This morning, we are slightly off the normal route with a post dedicated to our soldiers who will at 3:30 pm today be up against the world. You know them, the Super Falcons of Nigeria. There’s been news and information on the antics of the hosts who we face this evening. So today, we want to dedicate this blog to them. Just a few words actually. 

Dear Falcon, 

May I start with congratulating you for proving your worth yet again, landing in the finals of Africa’s largest female football competition. You eased past Kenya and Ghana and Mali in the Group stages before Oparanozing over South Africa to land in the finals. Even though it was half expected, it doesn’t erase the fact that you’ve gone about your task excellently and it’s worthy of commendation, so, welldone. 

This evening, you’re up against the world. Against the hosts, against what is expected to be a jam-packed stadium, against the referee possibly, against that tussle to be an African Champion (for you an eight time). It’s only a game but it’s not lost on all that you’ve got some fight on your hands today. 

Many of you have fought all kinds of battles your entire lives and one can safely say, by default settings, you are fighters. Some of you have graduated from convincing your family and friends that not only are you decent Footballers but that you can make a career and a living from football. Some of you even had to run away from home, just to Kickstart your career. You’ve had to pray for the opportunity to play and here you’re donning our National colours because you won that fight. 

Alot of you have had to contend and fight battles in teams where you’re either underpaid, or not even paid at all to teams where someone has made you make untold sacrifices to play the game you love. You’ve had to play in an environment where no one shows up in stadiums to watch you play. Where your finals are merely ‘side distractions’ in readiness for the main event – men’s finals. You have had to contend with that. 

Some of you are playing in foreign leagues slugging out for team shirts against girls with better support from family, girls who played with better facilities growing up and for a lot of you, you won that fight, you’re winning that fight. Look at yourselves hard in the mirror, you’re determined fighters and look, you’ve been winning every fight you’ve been engaged in. 

You face your latest battle this evening and for 90-120 minutes, your inner strength would be severely tested. It’s time to showcase to the world just what stuff you truly are made of. Your training and experience from winning the several combats you’ve been involved in has prepared you for this moment. 

Your colleagues, the other girls you’re going to run that field about can be trusted to fight gallantly along side you. Some of us at home, watching on TV will be fighting with you as well, offering prayers and goodwill the much we can. So get out there this evening and put in your best yet again. Knowing this, that regardless of what happens today, we remain proud of you ladies. 

With all our best wishes, 

ThatEnyimbaFan and friends. 

Back tomorrow



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