The guys in need of a big performance this season 

Good morning Everyone and welcome to today’s Friday, a very fast-forwarded end of a week. Perhaps it’s about my location but I think this week literally sped by, obviously the TGIF-mad crew to whom Friday couldn’t come soon enough would disagree with me. In all though, we are grateful for God’s endless mercies. 

On the Enyimba front, there’s basically not much to say except that the lads are slugging it out in the plains of Mamre a k a Calabar. (OK, I made the last part up. Don’t go write that in an exam or an interview, especially for an exam or interview you have hopes of passing. Calabar isn’t any plains of Mamre). I just do hope they are locked up and away from the Calabar carnival very notorious for showcasing things capable of distracting full and able-bodied young men.

But there are a number of players who cannot afford any distractions knowing they have a big big season ahead of them. The Season gone was poor by their own personal standards and they would be eager for amends this year. One of such players is the big man Christian Obiozor. He was by far our best striker within the period he shone in that title winning season. But for that nasty gash in Enugu that put him off action, he might have been much more handy than he was last season. 

From talk with him, it was evident he couldn’t wait to get back in the thick of things but as I watched him in the few games he featured toward the end of last season and mostly training, it was evident he was severely lacking match fitness. But this season, he’s bulked up, gotten a bit of his competitive edge back and he’s ready to get in the rumble. A fully fit Obiozor would be dangerous to defences. What a big year he’s got ahead of him. 

The other guy would be Ezekiel Bassey. He was phenomenal in that Kadiri Ikhana title winning year earning a nickname from the Aba fans as Eden Hazard. He was simply unplayable, ghosting past defences and defenders and he walked right into the National team. It didn’t quite tick at all for him last term and having seen a part of the two worlds it won’t be difficult to figure out where he would rather be. 

It’s also good that there is competition for places on the flanks with the likes of Stanley Dimgba, Eric Frimpong and Andrew Abalogu all capable of doing a decent job on the wings. Osadiaye and Etor too can all be handy when needed on the opposite flank. Bassey would be fired up to reproduce what I can best describe as his “true quality” in the coming season. 

The new gaffer is in dire need of players he can trust to be the fulcrum of this team and the fact that these two guys are in a race to reinvent their dazzling old form it could be just the kind of fire Ogunbote is eager for. This should offer some optimism for us as the new season approaches. 

It is expected to start in about two weeks and as yet we haven’t seen the fixtures. The draws are slated for the 10th of December and that’s no problem. I mean there were times in the years gone by when in the middle of the Season, you don’t even know who you’re playing the upper week. But thanks to Malam Shehu Dikko, Hon. Nduka Irabor and the good guys at the LMC, we’ve metamorphosized and are metamorphosizing into a decent League. 

It’s a Super Four Tournament that won’t have an Enyimba participation for the first time in a very very long time. (Indeed the Season itself would be a strange one with Continental football weekends flying past us while we sit them all out). But that’s what we sowed last season, we’ll have to sit down and pertake of corresponding harvest. So next week, we would all have our eyes looking Enugu-ward as the Super Four comes alive. 

That’s your Friday morning doze. Have a blessed day everyone. I’ll be back here tomorrow. 



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