Right Back Solutions and end of phase one of our pre-season 

Good morning Everyone, 

As you wake up this morning with thoughts perhaps on the intended data price hike, I plead with you to in your plannings, make room to accommodate the 2MB you’ll require to be on ThatEnyimbaFan daily. Your visits which have skyrocketed in the recent past few days is heartwarming. Thank you. 

We completed the first phase of our participation at the Gold Cup pre-season tournament after a narrow 1-0 defeat to Crown FC. The NNL side scored in the opening half and despite our second half surge for an equalizer, it wouldn’t come. 1-0 it ended but I’m sure the gaffer would be impressed by the effort of the boys and the number of minutes a lot of them have gotten under their belts as the new season approaches. 

The gaffer should know that this pre-season tournament was exclusively for him. I trust he’s been able to have a closer look at the lads and by now he’s more aware of who should bring what to the table. He should have a picture of his more important players and who can be trusted with what at this stage. A few of the others, who have yet to showcase their ability probably would in the days ahead. Ultimately though we trust, we would be ready by 18th December. 

I think the results from this competition will have every member of the playing staff on their toes as to the amount of work left for them to do if the team would be returning to the summit of the League. It would be a fascinating season I can assure you and as fans, we have our expectations on us returning to the thick of things that we missed out in the just concluded season. Yes we may not start the season playing on home turf but that notwithstanding, we will be alright. 

I did see a few names in the course of the competition that did inspire some confidence more especially in the Right Back position. Akwa United’s Right Back and free kick specialist, Nnamso Edo most likely would don our blue next season and it’s looking like we have finally gotten the right solution for our Right Back troubles. Dare Ojo and Uche John played there last season but looks like they will revert to their main positions. 

Dare of course should return to midfield while Uche should get back in Central Defence leaving a natural Right Back in the right position. One thing for which I’m quietly confident with our new gaffer is, we can rule out the possibility of having an indisciplined set of players. Ogunbote would command discipline and respect of the players which means they can get themselves firmly focused on playing well. 

There’s also Brown Dobraye, a decent Right Back who featured for Heartland last season. I saw just a handful of their games- in their relegation battling season and I think he was one of their better performers that term. If he would slug out that position with Nnamso Edo, then I think the demons at Right Back have been firmly dealt with. Of course we know what appears on paper and the real thing are sometimes miles apart but I’m comfortable with this pair. We should be fine. 

In other news, Desire Oparanozie’s bullet strike sent our Falcons into the finals of the African Women Cup of Nations. It was by no means an easy game for us but I think against a better prepared South African side, the quality of our girls came to the fore. It’s hardly vintage team performance by any standards. I hope they put out their best performance in the finals on Saturday. 

That’s all I can serve this morning. Have yourselves a wonderfilled Wednesday. 

Back tomorrow 



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