Sequel to yesterday and a word on our website 

Good Morning Guys,

Moments after the post was up yesterday, my friend and respected professional colleague @FisayoDairo sent me a message. 

Rangers are playing a tournament in Benin, they were beaten 3-1 by BJ Foundation on Saturday. They didn’t abandon it. 

I didn’t know that. League’s defending Champions Rangers International. Shouldn’t they be invincible? I mean Nigerian League Champions? But they aren’t, any football team can lose a game. You can lose a game cos you played badly, or because the officiating was awful but a team can lose a game and it is not the end of the world. 

I think that we must curb this mindset of refusing to continue a football game. Yes I get it that some of our referees are instruments of darkness. Brothers and Sisters of the Ahab and Jezebel, we must everyone be committed to insuring we arrive at the Professional part of our name. Right now we are – 

Nigerian ✅, Football ✅, League ✅. It’s just the professional that’s missing and avoiding things like refusing to continue matches and having shambolic officiating will help us arrive there soon. We must give credit where it is due, the League Management Company has been immense in their efforts but the football clubs themselves really need to step up their game. 

Away from that, it’s about time we talked about our website. For over a year now, the guys fixing our website have gone AWOL. I’m not sure what exactly is wrong and yea I should know but I don’t. I’ve been at the receiving end of questions from many on social media as to what is going on with our website. My response is simple- perhaps the importance of having a functional website has been lost on us. 

It is essential it is fixed as soon as possible. If the guys who the media team contracted to fix it earlier are no longer sure of what to do, I think someone other folks can be engaged for the process. The guys in the media team should look around and scout guys who can get the job done. If it’s about raising the funds, we can start up a campaign here to solicit funds for the project. 

Once upon a time, won the third best sports website in the Continent. It doesn’t speak well that we now can’t even boast of a decent website. News and information about the club shouldn’t only be found on Facebook and Twitter alone, we should have a ‘go to’ place where we can find all we require about the club more conveniently. 

I’m attacking myself with this post because well, I’m part of the club’s media team but it is criminal ignoring our lapses in this regard. There are dire situations we may not be able to do much about like the state of our stadium, but there also are things we can do to ‘put up a front’ and to assure people that respective of what’s going on, everything is actually fine and good. 

Fans feed off information they get from all around the place and when there’s nothing coming out from the club official channels, people make do with the ones they can get their hands on. A strong media presence on the other hand can indoctrinate people on what they ought to think and believe about the club. But we know these things already. 

We have all done well in bringing the club to where it is currently but we cannot rest on our laurels. Unless of course we are planning on giving up our place as the best football club in the country. If you ask me though, I don’t think that’s any where in our agenda for the next couple of years. 

I’ll end this post with one of my favorite scriptures.

Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; And make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed. Hebrews 12:12-13. 

Back tomorrow 



4 thoughts on “Sequel to yesterday and a word on our website 

  1. I am still yet to recover from the shock of Enyimba’s walk away from a pre-season game. Please can someone tell me when last the Elephants walked away from a game.

    As for the website gist, Nigeria clubs are yet to understand the importance of information. It is just unfortunate that our Elephants are chilling in the blackest part of the internet as portrayed by the official website. The twitter handle coughs info once in a while but you could see the consistency in inconsistency. Enyimba should send their media team to COD United for 6 month internship. Relegated from the NNL, the White Lions is more prominent online than a 7 time NPFL champion.

    For now we will make do with ThatEnyimbaFan. I will leave the talk about other clubs’ site for another.


  2. Thank You Amoscp, each time I enter the COD Utd website, I become ashamed of Enyimba and all the NPFL clubs. That’s is the only club in Nigeria that has an enviable structure. from Their packaging to all they have laid Down… Enyimba never learns that the bad part of it…


  3. It is sad to see a team that was once the epitome of professionalism become a bunch of spoiled brats. Its even more worrisome to see that this happened under a brand new coach, who should be trying to imprint a winning character. But what is utterly incomprehensible and of felonious quality, is the decay of the Enyimba website and social media platform.

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