The Replacement for Udoji

Good morning Everyone.

Yesterday’s posts got numerous feedbacks and I must say, I’m thankful for your responses. I’ve always literated the fact that this blog is just a fan voicing his opinions, hence it must not be seen as an official mouthpiece of the club or anything like that. This means, the thoughts or arguments shared here have the tendency to differ from that of others. It should not be a yardstick. 

So anyone quoting the blog must realize it’s akin to saying, “According to the guy who sat beside me at the game…”. Even if the blog eventually grows and becomes an independent Enyimba news outlet say ThatEnyimbaFan TV or ThatEnyimbaFan Radio, it still is the voice and thoughts of an Enyimba fan. Maybe then we’ve gotten bigger – in all honestly, I have no such plans. Even then, it’s still the thoughts of a fan. That’s my point. 

So with that air cleared, we delve into today’s course. It’s no longer news that Chinedu Udoji has left the club. There is a vacuum to be filled for not the central defence right now but the captain of Enyimba. With the League season less than a month away, it won’t be long before the gaffer announces who will wear the armband for the side. 

Just in case you’re yet to be told, quite a number of senior heads have left the team. More likely candidates to fill the void. Ojobo who had been stand-in skipper left the season before and based on whispers, Nzube Anaezemba, my boyfriend and one who captained the side a couple of times last year looks headed out too. 

Then there’s Femi Thomas who according to some quarters have also left the club. Emma Anyanwu, the oldest serving player at the club, may also have jumped ship to join Kadiri Ikhana at Kano Pillars. There’s Uche John who I’m also hearing may not be returning to the side. On the face of it, likely candidates may not come from the older bunch. 

The question hence becomes, who do we have left? I wish I’ve seen the full ensemble but I can only think of “four” players likely to fill the position. Remember, like we said earlier, what you’re reading is just like the thoughts of some guy who sat beside you at the game..

1. Theophilus Afelokhai: Captain duties is not alien to him as he joined us from Kano Pillars where he was one of the captains of the side. The goalkeeper is a natural leader and although he doesn’t say a lot in the team bus or on the training ground, he is a respectable personality in the dressing room. His wealth of experience and achievements puts him in a strong position. The only downside is that the coming season only is his second year at the club. 

2. Ifeanyi Anaemena: Remember him? You ought. His name has come up once or twice probably because of his strong personality and maybe the fact that he’s a Center Back too like Udoji and Odita. But a person’s position shouldn’t be enough criteria. Anaemena has with this new look of Enyimba become one of the oldest heads at the club. He’s getting into his third year at the club and judging by longevity, he nips the other contenders. 

3. Dare Ojo: Dare also joined us last season and his impressive performances in midfield means the team now has him as an indispensable member right now. Dare is another very quiet member of the team but he’s a fighter and looks like one capable of “giving it all” for the team. He commands respect too irrespective of his stature and I think he would be a good idea as well. 

4. The others: Perhaps our army-general-looking midfield maestro, Kelly Kester or others like Chima Akas (Is he coming back?) Peter Onyekachi, Stephen Chukwude, Daniel Etor or even Andrew Abalogu 🙂 Maybe Ezekiel Bassey or even Joseph Osadiaye or Eric Frimpong. OK now I’m messing with your heads. 

You can rarely tell how good or bad a person will fare in a task until it is eventually handed them but I don’t suppose the choice of a new captain will come from outside this list. I could be wrong too on this one but I’m eagerly anticipating what new look and indeed the new dispensation Enyimba is getting into. I trust it all goes well for our club. 

That’s your lot this morning. We’ll be back tomorrow with more and better. Have a wonderfilled day everyone. 



4 thoughts on “The Replacement for Udoji

  1. What about Uwadiegwu Ugwu? And I heard mfom Udoh’s El meerik move failed so He is back to the club. I think this two should be considered.


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