Juxtapositing Sunday morning gratitude with Enyimba thoughts 

Good morning All. 

The week is up and here we are at the start of a brand new week. The week just gone was for me especially, the most remarkable and intriguing week this entire year. Don’t get lost guys, it’s some private stuff, so spare your brains some scanning, chances are you won’t be able to figure it out. But you will, someday soon, in the very near future. 

All around the world, we are in Thanksgiving season. A period of gratitude. A period to thank God for life and breath and his mercies. I’m sure if you think back too yourself, you won’t search long and hard to find something for which you are grateful too- God’s mercies and kindness and protection and provision and favours and blessings. 

Some people would be looking at the economy and the skyrocketing prices of goods and services in the country. Hey think, in the midst of all that, God has been kind and merciful and his provisions have never ceased. Yea I lost my dad this year but in this same year, I made significant progress in my life, my family and in my career. In other words, the enemy might have planned bad for me but God’s goodness superceded all his ploys. Think of your life too, you’ll discover it’s the same. 

You all came here this morning seeking Enyimba news and all but I’m just full of gratitude to God for his love and mercies and I wish to provoke you to gratefulness to God too. If you’re unable to recognize the little things God does for you, you won’t feel any different when the big big one happens. So today, replace your worries and complaints with Thanksgiving and it will surprise you what the Lord has done. 

OK, onto Enyimbaic matters now. Guys, contrary to popular assumption, the Enyimba camp looks hardly in any turmoil. I mean one would think that with the exits we’ve seen, the club is down to bare bones and there’s a reverberating echo when you get in the camp. FALSE ALARM! The Enyimba camp is bursting on the seams with new players. Yesterday I was at the training and on the way home, I couldn’t get a space in the bus to sit down. 

Like we’d echoed on the blog here, no doubt the management may not have made all the right decisions in the recent past seasons but they will surely make amends with quality reinforcements. I watched some of the new guys and even spoke with a few of them and guess what? For the first time in a long time, I had cause for optimism. The new gaffer would need to instill his ideology into the side but he is not lacking the personnel to execute his ideas. 

Also contrary to the gaffer’s concerns early in the week, it appears he wants his team to indeed make the trip to the Gold Cup tournament in Ijebu Ode. So as I write this I’m pretty sure the boys have all their bags packed and look headed for the South West. Personally, I would have loved that we didn’t go for that tournament but well, let’s talk more about that in tomorrow’s blog. 

There’s not much more to say today because well, there are no games and today’s a Sunday. My ‘new’ job means I may have slackened in my dream to become a deacon in my church but I have to be in church today. So guys, make do with this and let’s talk some more in tomorrow’s breakfast meeting. 

Be in good cheer guys. 



2 thoughts on “Juxtapositing Sunday morning gratitude with Enyimba thoughts 

  1. Seriously Big Sam, one thing I don’t do is miss your breakfast post.. I’ve been the first t read your posts on several occasions.. I encourage you to do more CO’s you are doing a good job here.. Stay blessed..


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