Time for a little bit of a piece of our mind

Good morning All. 

I’m up this morning and I feel it’s about time we penned this blog’s open letter to the new gaffer Mr Ogunbote. I remember penning a similar letter to Kadiri Ikhana about two seasons ago, that one though wasn’t on this blog. It was on Supersport.com. So with the new man and his new players still getting used to each other’s first names, it’s about this I penned a letter to our new guy. 

Dear Sir, 

May I start by expressing my profound gratitude to you for making the bold decision to join us at the Enyimba. Ours is a club with a rich history, buoyant fan base and support and what a proud bunch we are. I’m thankful that you took up this challenge, joining us at such a crucial moment in our history. Thank you and welcome. 

Our club is at a very important moment in our history. Coming off a very difficult season where we not only failed ourselves and our fans, we ended the season looking like the worst football team in history. You know of this, having watched us play severally. When at the end of the season, we rang you up, you gladly obliged us, shrugging off all others who wanted you and taking up the challenge to fix things. I’m glad you are aware of the magnitude of this challenge. 

One of the biggest troubles of last season was the level of indiscipline among the players. I dare say, it was one area where the former man failed woefully. You know footballers, left with them they want to party all evening and show up the morning afterwards for a game and hoping to “shake up themselves as at other times”. It failed last season, it will fail everytime. If you want your tenure at the club to go down as a very successful one, you just start out with these three features- discipline, discipline and discipline. 

Furthermore, you know how insatiable football fans are, having been at places like Shooting Stars where despite falling off the football echelons still demand success in every fixture. It’s even worse in Aba. Someone said the former man lasted the season because home games weren’t in Aba else he would have felt the fury of the Aba fans. Every game must be approached with the right mindset, and in home games a line from our Anthem goes – “We promise not to fail our fans”. Those are not mere words to us. 

Our expectation this season isn’t so much. We want our respect restored, we want to return to winning ways and we want to challenge strongly for the title. You will get whatever footballer you fancy in this country, you will (I believe also) get your stadium done for you in time and you will get your fans in as many away grounds you want us to appear as possible. You will have our support, you will have the support of ThatEnyimbaFan blog site, that is non negotiatable. We are on your side. 

Please don’t blank us off during post game interviews, don’t snub us, talk with us, make us understand the challenges and troubles of the team and allow us help you where we can. If anyone disturbs you, anyone at all, just let us know the person, we’ll take it from there. 

We are looking forward to a good and successful stint with you. We believe you are divinely sent to us at this time and we have high hopes for the coming season. Someone said you only signed for one year: well, we believe you would be here for a long long time. That’s how much faith we have in you, that’s how much we back you to succeed here. 

Once more, thank you for joining us Sir and welcome to the biggest football club in the land. 

Back tomorrow 



4 thoughts on “Time for a little bit of a piece of our mind

  1. Can You please post the club anthem here, so we can have it. if possible too the audio of it. just have only that of FCIU and I must confess that not having my club’s own isn’t a good thing…


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