Transfers: Some good news for the fans

Good morning Guys.

Its been quite eventful the past few days on the transfer front and although nothing is official yet (save Ogunbote’s announcement) it appears the club has zeroed in on a big fish. It appears Stanley Dimgba is headed to Aba to sign a deal for us. Of course this isn’t the only signing the club will make or has made during this ‘summer’ but it’s like I described earlier- a big fish. 

Should the signing be completed without hitches (as we all expect) Dimgba will go down as not just a quality acquisition but one done ‘for the fans’. I remember (in that title winning season) how Dimgba mesmerized our full backs when Wolves came to Aba that after the game some of the fans mobbed him asking the Chairman to sign him up. So you can say that in our rebuilding process, he’s a good clog and quality material. 

He’s not the average ‘youngster’ looking to impress and ‘get into the team’- no, he’s quite experienced and well versed in the League. When the exodus happened at Wolves last season, he bagged himself and headed to Sunshine Stars. Reasons for that, I’m not even sure. But like Andrey Arshavin at Arsenal, his quality is not unknown- we know exactly what we are buying and it should be a good one. 

Like we mentioned on the blog yesterday, you can rest assured that regardless of is currently happening with the exits at the club, Enyimba will get themselves well prepared for the new season. It does look tough right now- it’s never expected to be easy but a board that has overseen several seasons at the club can be trusted to move the club beyond what here looks a challenging phase.

I remain convinced that Gbenga Ogunbote should be able to mastermind this change the club is looking at. Like we said a couple of days ago, he’s well versed and experienced in the League and he’s a winner. One who commands the respect of the side and one who can get the players playing for him. It is ridiculous for anyone to look at what’s happening at the club and predict that this is our end- I’m totally convinced we will be a very strong force next year. 

I’ll repeat it here- it doesn’t matter who leaves. Yea, you’re probably going to remind me of what happened at Warri Wolves and how they went down the next season despite nobody even having such thoughts at the start of the year when players left. Ours is different- the bulk of what have left or will leave is in no way the best players at the club. Older faces at the club? Yes. Best players at the club? No way. So this is not a repeat of the Warri Wolves situation. 

A friend said yesterday that two good teams were possible from the Enyimba squad of last season and each with the potential to finish in the top six. I agree with him. Last season’s debacle wasn’t because we didn’t have a good team- or because we didn’t have good players. We had a new team of several new players, a new manager and no home. Those would affect any team, no matter how good they are or who is leading the side. 

It is essential that we stay focused. I remember when Patrick Vieira left Arsenal. I felt terrible because well, this guy was like the soul of the club but looking back today, I think he was let go at the right time with the club looking to rebuild. It happens all the time in football. If the club says- the older players are making things uncomfortable for us or they are causing disharmony in the team, it is well within their rights to F5 the side. 

Finally for today, seeing my word count is nearly up, it looks like the new season might be starting on the 18th of December. Please don’t ask me how I came about that info because even if I told you, you won’t believe me. So just mark that date in your calendar, I’m rarely wrong when I see numbers this glaring in my dream. OK, all ye Bet 9ja fans, I’m not open for consultation, please steer clear of me. Thanks. 

Blog done and dusted for today. Back tomorrow. 



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