A different look at the Mfon Udoh issue

Good morning Everyone. 

It’s Tuesday and it’s a good day! So much to say but seeing it’s a little later than it should come, ama just keep this brief. There’s a lot happening at the club right now- new faces, departing faces and those stuck in-between. Today’s searchlight is on the later- those stuck in between. 

News emerged at the weekend that striker Mfon Udoh failed a medical at Sudanese club El Merreikh. It was started by some Sudanese journalist and then a couple of local news outlets fueled it. I received the news with literal pain because only a few days on the blog we agreed that a move is ideal for the player. So to hear such things, my first comments was- there’s a big mistake somewhere and I stand by that. 

Few hours later, I saw another news report. Which I’ve shared below. 

Enyimba striker, Mfon Udoh has returned to Nigeria after his move to join Sudanese giants El Merreikh collapsed.

Contrary to previous reports circulating the Nigerian media that he failed his medicals in Sudan the player has come out to clarify the air on what truly transpired in Sudan.

There were signs that the deal that would have taken the CAF Champions League top scorer to the Red Devils would not go through because the agent was not transparent, and he allegedly attempted to swindle Enyimba out of a portion of the agreed $350,000 transfer fee.
“I returned to Nigeria this morning and did not sign for Al Merreikh because of a financial problem, ” said Mfon Udoh.

“It is everywhere in Sudan, written in Arabic, that I did not agree financial terms with the club. I did my medical the next day I arrived in Sudan and it was perfect.

“The contract sent to me in Nigeria was different from what I was offered when I came to Sudan, the agent slashed my salary so he will get more commission from Al Merreikh.”

As one who’s a big fan of Mfon, I’m disappointed that this move has broken down. From where we are sitting, It’s utterly ridiculous anyone saying anything is wrong with Mfon’s health. I’ll quickly say tho, he isn’t the first person to fail a medical. If he did fail one. So there are no issues there. 

Mfon Udoh has had a less than ideal career especially after coming into the limelight few seasons ago. Injury, bad media, horrible season with Enyimba, but one thing he’s not done in all of this is to allow any of this to deter him. He’s kept up performing well and putting in the hard work it all requires. He’s been through a lot of challenges and he’s handled it all well. Ill say he’s made of tough stuff and he’s got unflinching belief in his ability. 

Mfon, there are one of two ways to look at this- You can either drop your shoulder, accept the verdict that you’re never gonna get to your dreams and bow out of the scene- I mean even the heights attained already will be insurmountable by millions afterwards. 

Or you can stand up and fight like you’ve done all your life. The greatest men are not those who never fail, who never have any trials. Who never face terrible and career ending challenges. The greatest among men are the ones who against the odds will swim against the tide, inspired by the dream of success. One Yes from God is all you need and I think you have it already. 

I know this, that the size of a man’s troubles is only indicative of the quality of his personality. It doesn’t matter what life throws at you. It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you – you’re only down and out when you refuse to get back up after you’ve been knocked to the ground. The choice ultimately is yours. 
That’s my take on the matter and that’s that. Tomorrow we’ll look at other transfer ins and outs. 

Till then Guys



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