We’re back and it’s business as usual

Good morning Everyone. 

I’m back and it’s good to be back here! The blog had been on a mini break for a couple of days now as we readied for my late Dad’s burial. It went well and thank you to everyone who came. Thank you also to the ones who couldn’t come but sent their love and support in cash, in kind, in favours and in everyother way. Thank you everyone. God bless you abundantly. 

We kept tabs with goings on at the club and indeed quite a lot has happened within this period. First and foremost, the new gaffer has arrived. It’s the end of the Paul Aigbogun era finally. One would argue that Paul didn’t do a lot to endear himself to the Enyimba faithful although a bulk of what he ‘suffered’ wasn’t entirely his fault. But well, someone has to take the blame. 

There would be those here on the blog who’d say, “I told you so” especially as we rolled out defense after defense for the former Warri Wolves gaffer but as is our tradition, we have to support and stand by the club even when things aren’t looking ideal. There’s never going to be that football club on earth that heeds 100% to all what the fans want, ours is to support as much as we can.

So Gbenga Ogunbote it is for us and just like Mr Aigbogun before him, I’ve got a little history with him too. I like the man as a person. A lot. During his days at Sharks we stuck to some kind of friendship such that even while on official League duties, we could share some off-the-pitch conversation. He dresses very well and smart too. Shirt neatly ironed and tucked in. I think the fact that he rarely sits down in the dugout made me take special interest in him. 

I think his players respect him and actually do play for him. At Sharks and at 3SC especially where he delivered them from impending relegation twice in the last two seasons. It didn’t quite work for him at Giwa because well, Amb. Giwa messed things up for his team but Ogunbote is a sound gaffer who also comes with some experience in the Continent too. He knows the terrain and he will get the best out the guys. 

Someone likened him to Ikhana who is more of a fatherly figure to the players. If I were a player, I think I’ll prefer a strict-disciplinarian-dad-like gaffer to a strict-disciplinarian-tyrant-like gaffer. I mean, there are better ways of making a player get better than hurling insults and picking fights such that players eventually get to resent you. Anyway, we’ll dwell more on this in the coming days. 

I’m looking at the coming season and I’m thinking, what an interesting season we could have. First, the old war horses are back- Ikhana at Pillars. Emordi at Umuahia. Then the geniuses are well placed- Ogunbote at Aba, Imama at Rangers. Makaiba at Akwa and some Japanese grandmaster at FC IfeanyiUbah. There are the likes of Fatai Amoo at 3SC and Eguma at Rivers United. I’ll love to do a pre-season preview sometime but ultimately we should have a good season next year. 

Speaking of FC IfeanyiUbah, they won a right to play in the Continent next season and fairplay to them, they ‘earned’ it. Let’s hope that all of them with Continental responsibilities- Rangers, Rivers United, Wikki Tourists and FC IfeanyiUbah all do have good outings and not do an ‘Akwa United’. (Sorry, Uwem and Promise Etim, I couldn’t resist the urge). 

That’s your lot this morning Guys. Please feel free to return tomorrow morning, there’ll be some breakfast here. 



3 thoughts on “We’re back and it’s business as usual

  1. I guess now we have a working media person in Enyimba FC.
    Enyimba Media team was practically non existent before now so one could be tempted to say its a good sign of greater things to come.KUDOS!!!


  2. I guess now we have a working media person in Enyimba FC.
    Enyimba Media team was practically non existent before now so one could be tempted to say its a good sign of greater things to come.KUDOS!!!

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